Best Idea Ever


I just read of the best posts EVER by this cool chic…she got the idea from one of her awesome readers..

So here is the idea…

It’s going to be Legen- ‘Wait For It’- dery!! (anyone else love HIMYM as much as me?!)

Best. Idea. Ever.?

Dedicating each of your miles during your half marathon/marathon to someone special: this gives me SO many ideas…especially for next years Boston Marathon.. I’m thinking about ALL the most important people in my life, and also about all those lives lost and changed due to the bombing.
I think it will make me run harder/faster as I’m thinking of the different dedications. I will love telling my friends and family which mile is theirs!:)

I’m going to have a LOT of fun with this! Anybody out there ever done this before??

Have a great day,


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