Running recap for last week

Mileage from 9/16-9/22
I really had a great running week. I managed to run 60 miles and I haven’t been able to do that since I started back at work. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it before, but I teach a financial Education class at a local high school. I love my job, but Let me tell ya-High schoolers can really wear you out!

Monday: 4 slow gross miles. I threw in the towel right away and decided to do a strength exercise video (beachbody) instead. Sometimes my body just craves doing a weight workout instead.

Tuesday: 13 beautiful tempo miles and a PR for myself of 1:40. I’m aiming for 1:25-1:30. I can do it, I know it.

Wednesday-A no-go. I think I came home from work and flopped down on my couch like a jellyfish because I was so dam exhausted.

Thursday…Sprints. Five miles of morning torture….I got home from work and thought it sounded great to run an easy 7. My legs were heavy (obviously- I mean- I’m on them ALL.DAY.LONG. It was a great easy day though!

Friday- taking my own great advice, I fist fought Me, Myself, and I to not go for a run. I based this on on my theory that a long run is run much better/feels much better on fresh, well rested legs. I resisted the urge to “squeeze” in a quick 4, and instead did some core/strength work.

Saturday-a beautiful long run-19 miles in 2:37 minutes- I was really happy with this- I am really gearing up for Baystate in only FIVE weeks!!:) My ultimate goal is 20 in 2:30… I’m not that far off..
All my numbers say I can do it! After the long run was all wrapped up, my husband and I went apple picking. It was so much fun! And then we got all crazy and decided to make our own homemade wine! YUM!! 🙂 Wine party at my house in three months!!


Sunday- Do you ever wake up and NEED to do something? I woke up and NEEDED to do another long run. I dragged my sore and tired butt out to the road and although I wasn’t the fastest-it felt great. Also…I saw like 20 ducks during this run. I love taking this particular road because I always see the most random nature stuff. I’ve seen wild turkey’s, geese, and even deer. And yesterday: Ducks! I don’t know if you can tell by my picture but it was so fun to see!


This was the first week since I went back to school that I had hit all my running and fitness goals. That is a great feeling!

Total:60 Miles run!
This week will include a little bit of sprints, tempo’s and my last long training run for Baystate Marathon.

What was your long run this weekend?

What was your best run of the week? Any lousy runs?
-My best was definitely Tuesday, and my worst was Monday.

Have a great running week! Run free, run strong!


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