Funny things that NON running people (and friends) ask me



. …Because none of them are runners.

Do you ever feel like people don’t understand your LOVE for running? Do they ever just roll their eyes when you bring up a run while your eyes rapidly bloom into HEARTS for eyeballs?

Are you like me and have NO friends to run with?? Talk with about running??
… I want one. Just one. That’s not a lot to ask for …right??

I often try to coerce my friends into running…it’s never worked.
I beg:”Please!!! I need someone at the starting lines with me so we can carpool, laugh, and have fun!!”
I reason: “you know if you just give up smoking…you could be VERY athletic”(have I mentioned before that 85-90% of my friends smoke cigarettes? It’s GROSS. Don’t even GET me started..)
I negotiate: “ok well..if you do a marathon with me..I will train you. Everyday!”

Funnily enough…NONE of these have worked. Hmmmm. point of this is to demonstrate how I am addicted to running,.and my friends…are NOT.

For your entertaining pleasure, here are some things that my NON running friends and acquaintances ask/say me that I find amusing..

1. “Do you think you are going to win your race?”
do I think I’m going to WIN my RACE? for real. this has always been one of my favorites… first of all… my “race” is a marathon. Good Lord and Sweet Baby Jesus… Racing is what you do in 5k’s..10k’s..half marathons…but for me running a marathon is just…pure running because…. I’m NOT Kenyan.

2. “Do you ever wish you were a Kenyan so you could win the marathon like it was just natural for you to do so?”
Yes. #theyhaevanextraboneintheirknee

3. ” So… how Long is your marathon?”

4. And the follow up…”It’s 26 miles? I hate DRIVING that far!”

5. “What do you think about when you run? Don’t you get bored?”
NO. I think about ANYTHING i want to because it is my only ME time. No, it isn’t boring..I enjoy the think tank that running gives me!

6. “So.. do you think you will still run after you have kids?”
I don’t you think you’ll still have ears after you brush your teeth today? Exactly… a totally silly, and inane question.

7. “you aren’t going to be able to run at all when you’re trying to get pregnant.”
HEY. Me, my ovaries, and my reproductiveness are NUNYA, so MYOB.
#illstillrunwhenimpregnant #cutestbabybumpever

8. “Next time you run by my house..pick me up. I want to look like you, so I will go running with you”
Please see above…I know you are kidding. i would LOOOOVE running company! Stop teasing me!

9. “why do you do it if it makes you tired?”
This question is usually posed to me on a saturday night after a long run and i obviously look a bit worse for wear.
Why do I do it? Love. Determination. Spirit. Life. That’s why.
Why do you do what you do??

I hope you laughed at these πŸ™‚ I think even a “NOT” a runner can relate to this:
Everybody has “something” thats a driving force within them.
It Makes them want to BE more.
DO more.
GET better..makes them WANT it..
My “something” just happens to be a sport that is used as a punishment in other sports. It’s not my fault that someone else’s punishment is my inspiration πŸ™‚
How bad do YOU want it??

Please tell me any funny things your non running friends have said to you..I love hearing them! πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Funny things that NON running people (and friends) ask me

  1. 1,4 and 7 had me laughing. That’s like when people ask why I go to the gym to work out. I try to go 6 days a week and I’ve been really great about it, but they think it’s a waste of time. I like it and it keeps me occupied instead of vegging out in front of the TV.

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