What do you eat before a run?

Sometimes… Runs can suck.
Today’s did. Lack of proper fueling led to absolutely zero energy along the run. Not cool.
For some reason I realized I had left my trusty Swedish fish at home

I really love those little red Fish and for some reason.. They work best to refuel me. I also love skittles and starburst, but they tend to melt too fast.
Now before you go thinking I’m a junk food junkie- I’m not. I truly LOVE fruits and veggies, and 75% of all my meals includes one of them. But obviously, a peach doesn’t neatly fit in my travellig running pocket.. So the Swedish win out.
Once in a while- ill do the Gu’s or powerade gels. But i would like to tell you…
I do not like them.
I do not like them for a snack, I do not like them in my pack.
I do not like them for my runs, I do not think they’re any fun (sorry I couldn’t resist a Dr. Seuss reference)

What do you eat on your runs for quick energy?


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