My SIL just sent me a text..and it might just be..THE.BEST.TEXT.EVER….

she was so excited because she got me this…


I KNOW..its perfect. I can’t WAIT to wear it. She is pretty much AHHMAZING and i adore her.

I don’t think I have done a solid post yet on the tragic events that happened in my life on 4-15-13.

This year, the 117th Boston Marathon was going to be my best Boston ever. I was going to finish at my best time ever, and then celebrate with my husband, family, and friends who were all anxiously awaiting my arrival at the finish line. I had literally trained my butt off, worked with a fierce determination to gain a qualifying time for next years Boston. I was on fire. Instead, with less than a tenth of a mile to go, bombs exploded all around me. The first-the finish line-less than a tenth of a mile away from me. the second- about 20 feet diagonal to where I was standing.
I have two pictures that I found in Sports Illustrated where I was able to pick myself out. In picture #1: i am the small circle, picture #2 is a close up.


When I reflect back and think about how god dam LUCKY I am that I didn’t get hurt- It has occurred to be that the ONLY reason I wasn’t harmed was because of the unfortunate wall of people who WERE. That is something I have been dealing with and trying to wrap my head around. I have so many different feelings and reactions about 4/15/13. I feel very hurt and angry about what happened. Relief that my family and friends were all ok; happiness that we were able to find one another without struggle.

I am angry, too. Angry at this bomber who took or irrevocably changed so many good people’s lives. Furious that hardworking people were hurt just because they were there for a sporting event. Anger that my husband, family, and closest friends were put in mortal danger.Angry that the moment of crossing the finish line was abruptly taken from me. I feel like something has been stolen from me, and it’s worse than an actual robbery of material possessions. It’s a moment-forever changed, forever gone.

I am so proud of our city. Our people. Our runners. Of my friends who have been through hell and are still sticking together. Proud of my husband for keeping a clear head through the panic. Because of him we found each other in minutes. I don’t know what we would have done if we had been further apart. As the spectators were fleeing the city- I was still running towards it to find my family.

Boston will rise. We as a people, will rise. We will unite because divided-we fall. We will persevere. I will persevere. I will never give up. Running is an integral part of my life. To you, this might sound ridiculous. But I LOVE to run. It has helped to shape me into the strong person I am. I love Marathon Monday. It is a day of celebration for my friends and family that we have always looked forward to. Patriots day: It is a day that represents freedom, community, and spirit. For the 118th Boston Marathon, i will dedicate my run for those who can’t be there, for those who have been affected because of the violence caused by this terrible person.

Not once has it occurred to me to hang up my sneaks and take a break- that it’s “too dangerous” to put myself back out there once again in harms way. People say “This could happen every year”. I can’t imagine my life without the marathon. It’s my day. MY DAY. more than my birthday is, or even other significant days…I have come to feel I OWN Marathon Monday. It fuels me and ignites the fire deep inside me because I know that as an athlete, I will push myself. I can always do better; get faster; stronger. I will NEVER give up. No bomber can threaten this girl into quiet hibernation.

I will ALWAYS finish the race.




6 thoughts on “My SIL just sent me a text..and it might just be..THE.BEST.TEXT.EVER….

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  2. Good for you for not hanging up your shoes. I live in Worcester and I moved to New England last April, so this was my first year paying attention to Patriots Day and the marathon. While I wasn’t directly affected like you were, my heart was still sore to think that something like that could happen so close to home. I’m glad I’m following your blog ๐Ÿ™‚ BOSTON STRONG!

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