Some Things you ought to know about marrying/dating a runner…

This post is dedicated to my husband..a man who truly loves his wife…and agreed to marry her in sickness and in health…and, well, friends…running is my sickness.
It’s true.
Eat. Sleep. Breathe. ThinkAboutRunning, TalkAboutRunning, PlanMyRuns…I could go on and on, and I bet you could too.

When someone finds out I’m a runner, and/or married: their immediate question is ALWAYS “Does your husband run too?” I politely say no, tell them he’s a strength dude not cardio, and move on with the conversation.

Have you ever realized there are runners and then there are “not” runners? Or, more accurate- there are those who are “pro” running, and those who aren’t…
Anywho… My husband Greg? NOT a runner. Nope. No way. But he is a great husband who quietly listens to his wife yammer on about her sport. One might say he has successfully mattered the art of the “passive listener of running talk”. Aka- he tunes me out and nods in all the right spots!

Every now and then he will lodge a formal complaint with The Committee (me myself and I) about his Dislike for Running. I try to dial it down a bit and work on getting back to my center. Sometimes, though, I really have to laugh at the things he complains about. They are completely true absolutely not true. (Wink wink)

Here are the top informal complaints my husband has about being married to a runner…

1. THE SHOES..and I don’t mean my stiletto’s..though I have my fair share of them too… I mean the amazing amounts of running shoes that I have. For real. See below for the visual. (Ps-the little black pair at the top are my stepdaughters!)

Frequent convo happening in my house: “Nicole, you don’t even wear half of these, get Rid of some so they stop cluttering up the entryway.”
“But Greg..I do still use them… And some of them have a few more miles in them…and I can’t get rid of them YET.”
Yeah, I’m sure you’ve said it too. And forget it when I tell him I need a new pair because my current cushiony pair has hit my 450 mile mark..I get the ‘eye roll’. Anybody else get that?
**Disclaimer: if you’re dating/married to a BRAND-NEW runner…just wait…you have to give it a little time before the sneaker obsession takes over your entryway…but it will come. It always comes…#ilovemysneakers #icanalwaysusemore

2. The amounts of TIME I spend running. If I plan my day around the long run, you better believe he has heard all about it- how far, how fast i plan to go, what i’m going to eat beforehand..and he is somewhere patiently waiting for his wife to finallllllly be done her run. The man is a saint.

3. I think taking a vacation and running a marathon at the same time is cool. He does not. This is one thing we agree to disagree on…

4. The Unknown. I cover a lot of distance while running my Long runs. Most often, in two different states. It can be daunting to my”not”runner to wonder where his runner is. And while I know I’m being safe- he is a worrywart. Totally justifiable though, so he gets a pass on this one.

5. My running clothes laundry air dries all over the spare bedroom…running 5 days a week means 5 pairs of neon shorts, t’s, sports bras…. It’s like Rainbow Bright moved in, did her laundry, and left it all over the bedroom.

6. Sometimes I am crabby when I can’t run. To you “NOT RUNNERS” put there…be weary of the obstacles that face your runner…sometimes, if you let them just go for a quick run, you will see their mood vastly improve. You might even find yourself encouraging them, I’m the future, to lace up their shoes when you see what my husband calls “THE GRUMP” face.
Example: “Hey Babe, how was your run? Did you get THE GRUMP out?” (Sometimes this brings THE GRUMP back though. Maybe I don’t like to admit when I’m grumpy?!)

7. The Finish Line. Now sometimes, they aren’t that bad. The Baystate Marathon is in our backyard…but the Boston Marathon Is a whole different shebang…although its only 45 minutes away- it’s hours and hours of preparation, and coordination with all of our friends to get the group together, ready, and at the finish line by the time I get there. it can be a daunting task since the crowds are 15+deep. Where is she? What’s she wearing? What time will she finish at? Are frequently asked questions by my anxious husband and friends. (I am a very lucky lady to have this group always go and see me at the finish..more on this in future posts)



8. And his personal favorite complaint…talking about running. It’s true. I really kinda love it. A lot. So I talk about it…a lot. I really try to take it downs notch and not talk about it all the time TOO much. <> I can’t help it sometimes, though!
Oh we’ll..that’s what the blog is for, right?!

The truth is…I like that my husband isn’t a runner. I mean sure, the thought of us crossing a marathon together and holding hands sends chills of excitement down my spine… But knowing how much effort I put into my craft and the fact that he’s always got my back is even better.
And ….runners can be weird..I know…I AM one. Two runners in this family would be two too many!

Like anything within a marriage or relationship-you learn to make compromises. I send him a text mid run during the long run, and in turn, he won’t complain that I’m not around for an hour or so when he gets out of work … But this is only because he is secretly playing his video games!

The point is…the person you choose to spend your days with should support your goals and dreams…even if he/she cannot understand them. If you’ve got that, than you really have got it all!
Happy weekend running friends!

Run free, run strong!


4 thoughts on “Some Things you ought to know about marrying/dating a runner…

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  2. This is very true, I should have gotten my wife to read this as a disclaimer before we married. She is a “worrywart” also and used to call me on my long runs sometimes, so I got the ROAD ID app for my phone where she can follow me.

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