Disclaimer: Today I did something a little scary and maybe even CRAZY.

Soo I’m a marathoner.
I don’t like 5k’s or 10k’s because i still would have to do more miles when I’m done running the race.
I never sign up for half marathons because I don’t really see it as a challenge since I actually do a 13 miler weekly on top of a long run (I KNOW..but I already gave you the disclaimer: CRAZY)

But this week..my thinking began to change.. And..

Today I registered for a cute little half marathon in Hollis NH. It’s called “The Applefest Half Marathon.” It’s really close to my house, and the course looks really great.. And at the end??


This is not the cray-cray part, though.

I decided that..I think I’m finally at a point where I can say that I’m ready to tell my body to RACE …so I entered this half… and I’m thinking…I have a pretty good shot of placing in at least the top ten…I compared my own numbers to those of the top women..and I’m right up there. Kind of a cool discovery!!!
Am I crazy?or determined? I’ll let you be the judge!!

I plan to give it my ALL! I’m really excited!

So…Nicole’s upcoming races/marathons:

Applefest Half Marathon: Saturday, October 5
Baystate Marathon (full) Sunday, October 20
Boston Marathon– Monday April 21

A girl can dream right?! I definitely have ambition, and I love setting goals for myself. I’m really excited to see where it takes me!:)

Run free..run strong!
Nicole 🙂


12 thoughts on “Disclaimer: Today I did something a little scary and maybe even CRAZY.

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    • Omg….wowww…I would TOTALLY run for bacon….my friends actually get me bacon inspired presents all the time because I’m OBSESSED with it! Best of luck to you…and btw where is it?!? Need to put THAT one my bucket list!!

      • It’s the Bear Chase in Morrison Colorado. http://www.bearchaserace.com/. It’s got a couple pretty nasty hills but it’s gorgeous territory, They have the whole gamut of races, a 10K, half marathon, 50K, 50 mile and 100K. Anyway, a friend has run it and that’s where I heard bacon and beer are part of the finish line festival. I’ll let you know if they have it again this year.

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