Procrastination and satisfaction

The sprint day…such a love hate/relationship..

-I love that it’s done and I do not have to think about it until NEXT Monday…or Tuesday. It gives me a sense of accomplishment to know my least favorite workout is all wrapped up!

– Allllllll day i knew it was sprint day. I made excuses to myself NOT to do it; ‘I woke up too early’..’i went to sleep too late last night.’
I hated even the THOUGHT of beginning it so I started an hour later than I wanted to….and…after I’d had like..five snacks, played on my iPad, and in general….procrastinated….I finally started.

-But I love how fast I was:
Three sets of 2 mile sprints…ranging from 9.5-10mph for 400meters splits with a break after each for .05 at 7.2 mph.
Split times: 13:23, 13:15, 13:13 a total of 39:51 for six miles of sprints, and a cool down mile of 7:11. I remember a time where a cool down mile was about 8 1/2 miles an hour. I have worked hard…and I can only get BETTER, not worse.

-I love that after I finished, I did a lil happy dance : these things made me dance:
– I danced because I was so happy it was all done
– I was psyched that last week I could only do 4 miles, this week 6, plus a cool down.
-I was faster than I was last week.
– I danced because I was proud of myself and happy that it was easier this week than it was last week.
-I danced because I listened to “roar” like…almost the whole time…(obsession much??)

Soo..maybe it was more love than hate?
We’ll see how I feel next week ๐Ÿ™‚

These pictures are some fun ones I just rediscovered on my vacation with my husband a couple weeks ago…I wish I was still back here walking along the beach, and sleeping late everyday, and begging my husband to go for a run with me( he doesn’t run!) ๐Ÿ™‚
oh well…
Cheers to next summer!!:)





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