Hitting “THE WALL” and a new PR..

20130904-224639.jpg Judging by this posts title-you are probably thinking that it is about two different runs. It is NOT. I have quite the runners high right now so I’m trying to release all these positive thoughts out into the world so that others can feel my excitement! I hope you read this and feel inspired, and THEN my hope is that you pass your inspiration(s) on to someone else…virtually founding, a “pay it forward” running inspiration:) Monday was my sprint day : 4 miles of 400 meters (.25 miles) varying at a pace of 9.5- 10mph with a rest period of 20 seconds between each 400, and a two minute break after the first two miles. Sprint day- not my favorite. But I will tell you this: it works. I took yesterday off from running, so today I was raring to go. Laced up my shoes, tuned my Ipod to my “RunBeeYatchRun” playlist (yes, this IS its name) and headed out. I ran my “Boston prep course” it mimics the Boston downward start, and its notorious hills- both the uphills and the downhills. Its highest hilly elevation is almost 400 feet above sea level. In other words..it is an amazing course for a runner to train for the Boston Marathon. While i was on summer break from teaching, i ran this course at least once a week. Now that school is in session- it will probably be once a week…maybe every other week. (BOO!!) Run recap… Miles 1-2.5: I am awesome! I have the “eye of the tiger” thanks Katy Perry-you are making me the best runner ever. I am invincible. Miles 2.5-3.5: Going up the first hill… BAM!!!!! THE WALL. YUP…only 3 miles in I was ready to throw in the towel. I was actually whining to myself. Awful: “Waahhhhhh…my feet hurt, I’ve been on them all day; I got up at 4:45; I was so busy today why am I out running?! Waaahhhh” ….These just merely scratch the surface of Nicole’s Negativity, and Negative Nicole is Not Nice. I felt like I had low blood sugar. I had visions of Gatorade and shoving Swedish Fish and Starburts in my face. Miles 3.5-13: I’m not positive on what made me finish the run… Promises of sugar and Gatorade at mile 7? Katy Perry on repeat? All I DO know is by the time I hit mile 4 – I was seriously energized and barely felt my feet touching the ground. At one point , I even passed a girl who I see running all the time(she’s really good) ..that was cool. Running is a metaphor for life. It gives back to you whatever you put into it. If you run with your heart, forget your feet..you will be surprised where it takes you. My feet(and body) do one half the work- my mind does the rest. If YOU don’t believe in your runs…who will? Lets be serious..you’re the only one who will feel the letdown, true or false?? Being a runner has changed my outlook on life. I am a stronger, more confident person since I know the power I hold within myself. I love being able to say “I ran 20 miles today” and “hey I set a new PR” and, of course, the coveted “I ran a marathon today” My point: Today I almost gave up. I know it wasn’t an official race or anything, but it was MY run, and I owned it. I bested myself..and set a PR for myself on the same exact run. I’m pretty proud of me. Any motivational stories to share? What’s your toughest course? 20130904-224703.jpg


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