The top five Weirdest/funny/sometimes annoying things that people have asked me regarding running…

Man I’ve been slacking this week due to the fact that I started back to school and am no longer a stay at home runner- cook-housewife. my attention, for the next 9 months, is focused on educating the minds of high schoolers. ((Sigh)), I love love my job..but for real. There is nothing, NOTHING like the summer. I can’t believe it’s already Labor Day did the summer whoosh on by?!!!

Anyway, in a recent convo with a friend, I started to think about some funny and weird and even sometimes annoying things that people ask me about running and marathoning. I hope these make you laugh because it was kind of fun to write about!

These are my top picks :

-are you fast?
I mean..I’m never going to beat the Kenyans. Duh. But I think I’m pretty good, most days. Somedays- I SUCK at running just like everybody else. But don’t ask me if i’m fast…it’s just…annoying.

-I bet I could beat you in a sprint race/ contest,wanna try?
Ok. Well. Did you know I like to run distances and I’m not a sprinter? I bet you could beat me too. Tell ya what- we’ll do your sprint contest, and then you come do my fun 13 miler. Have at it, won’t you?

– do you jog or do you run?
The word “jogging” was actually the inspiration behind this blog post. My friend “K” now calls it. “Yogging” to be silly and make fun of my dislike for the word.
Seriously, it boils down to this: There are runners. There are walkers. It doesn’t matter if you’re running 4 miles an hour or 14-you’re running. Consider yourself a runner…not a YOGGER.

-have you ever pooped your pants while running a marathon?
Ummm…im not really sure why EVERYONE asks me this. ls it because I once dropped my cell in a porta potty right before the start of a marathon??(no I didn’t retrieve it)
I’m a lady. Just remember that. And don’t ask the question unless you really want to know. Cause you don’t. Trust me.

And my personal favorite..
-how long is your marathon?
The word marathon literally means a footrace with a distance of 42.2 kilometers, or 26.2 miles. Yes, it’s long. I know. Yes, my feet hurt after and I’m really tired. I still want to do it. Don’t worry, you dont have to.

Hope this made all ya’ll out there smile! What are your top weird questions you’ve ever been asked before?

Anybody doing any races for Labor Day?

Can you even believe it’s already Labor Day weekend?? I cannot!!

Run free, run strong!


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