Reason #2 out of a billion I run: to add to this bad ass collection…



I dug out all my race bibs…the first pic is my 7 Boston bibs..the second is all of my bibs. WHOA. I had no idea I had that many!!:)

I guess that’s another reason out of a billion why I run…so I can keep on adding to my collection of memorabilia!

I really want a cool way to display my race bibs and medals. I’ve been googling, pinning, and asking around… I have found some VERY interesting ways to display my hard earned work.

Runners World top 23 ways to display your race medals and bibs:

I think the bag is my very favorite. I want it. Like NOW.

What do you do with your old race stuff? Help me decide what to do with mine!

Run free, Run Strong!


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