Random things I’ve never done/used as a runner….


These are all random things that have been swimming in my brain lately.

Sunday I ran a great 9miler. Its always great when you’re doing great and you KNOW that you got a crappy nights sleep the night before. oh and you had a couple of beers. Ok, three. four. (Im on vacation, no judging! and it’s summer! and i love beer) But, The sun was shining, my legs felt fresh ( they weren’t) and I flew through my very hilly 9 miler in 1:12. Not my absolute best, but, pretty good for 6 hours of sleep, if you ask me!


There are so many popular running “tools” and”techniques” nowadays to help your awesome or average runner on their way to greatness…they’ve got gadgets and gizmos a plenty and whoze it’s and whatzits galore…but i ain’t got no twenty thing-a-am-bobs.

I’m pretty sure…that I need to broaden my horizons to cool running Things.
What could I possibly mean, you ask?
Wait for it…

Confession #1
I run 60+ miles a week. Sometimes, I’m so sore that I spend the night on the couch. I don’t have any “creaks” yet (they’re coming soon to a body near me)
Sooo. Umm. I have to tell you…Ive never taken an ice bath. Not once. Nope. The thought of it…makes me have a high fever. And get chills. I am a summer girl. Even in the summer-I like to be hot. Brrrrrrrr to an ice bath. But hey- I’m not knocking it- I just HAVEN’T tried it yet. Plus, my little freezer holds like 40 ice cubes. I’m pretty sure I’d need a whooole bunch of cubes to fill up my tub!!!

Confession #2
So, Also? This is a biggun. I’ve never used a foam roller. I KNOW, I KNOW…I’m old fashioned. You may be wondering- how the heck do i actually get rid of aches and pains? When I’m sore..I stretch!
((sigh))..future Christmas gifts coming to me, maybe?!?

Confession #3
I’ve always wanted to try this and never have..a super high tech Garmin/GPS watch that tracks your runs, tells you your pace, and holds your data..I use apps on my phone..but if I had one of these babies I totally would eave my iPhone at home. That would be like, heaven. I take it with me so I can call my husband “in the event of an emergency”, but honestly…in our 4 1/2 years as a couple- I’ve probably called him thrice.

Confession #4
(this is really only cool for ladies) Fancy schmancy sports bras…are not me. I buy my sports bras, for the most part, from Marshall’s. yup. I can’t justify dropping my hard earned dough on a bra that has zero “bling” on it, and doesn’t have 19 different ways to strap it on. (Again,I accept donations now AND at Christmas)

Side note: Random things I also started recently doing:
-I just bought my first arm band to hold my phone. (Still awaiting its arrival!) ps also realizing if I got a Garmin watch- It would totally negate the use of an arm band. Hmm. Oh well.
– started ‘mixing up’ my shoe rotation between a minimalist shoe, and a cushioned one for longer runs. Literally- it never occurred to me to do this before. And I LOVE it!!
-peeing in the woods-(relatively new) I used to always hold it. That made for a few unpleasant runs, as all I could think was ‘oh dear god don’t let me pee my pants.”

After rereading all these things-I’m realizing that i guess I’m a pretty basic runner. Hmm. The only thing(s) running related that i will invest my money into is my sneakers. I never hesitate when it comes to my footwear. Don’t get me wrong- I always shop around to get the best bang for my buck- but I am unwavering in my refusal to buy an ill fitting or unsuited pair of kicks.

At the end of the day, I’m always happy with how running centers me, so I guess it’s ok that I’m not high tech or fancy:) It has a way of giving back to me way more than I could ever give to it:)

Thanks for reading, have a great day everybody!!:)

Run free, Run Strong!!


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