Kiss My Ass, Rolling Stone…

Dear Rolling Stone,

It’s hard to put into only a few words how your cover angered me. My first thought was that I wanted to read the article and see what the bastard had to say.
Now I’m just … PISSED. This is what I think of your cover:

I was a runner on this past marathon Monday. When the bombs went off- I was less than 1/10 of a mile from the first, mere feet from the second. I had my husband, brother, sister and ten friends at the finish line awaiting me.

I am STILL upset about 4/15/13. I am still belligerently angry.
I think about the bombs—
Every. Single. Day.
They haunt me when i least expect it: I can hear an unknown noise and suddenly-I’m right back there and hearing explosions.

I think about how lucky we were.

I remember seeing people flying up off the ground merely fifteen feet away from me-and I think about how they were my protectors. There was a wall of people surrounding us. That’s WHY my friends and i weren’t hurt. It is difficult to wrap my head around this.
There was about two or three minutes when I didn’t know if I could find my family- I thought I was going to die and NEVER see them again. That is no joke. I would not wish that on anyone in the world. When everyone else was fleeing the city- I could only run towards it to find my loved ones.

But, with time, We will always rise out from under the sadness. In times of great tragedy, we are forced to remember that “everything happens for a reason”. I have chosen to believe, just like my friends, that we only live once. We make the best of our short time on this earth, and refuse to let tragedy overrun our lives. We will move on.

Clearly- your staff has never, ever looked death in the face and literally RAN for their lives. Because of this paralyzingly fear- we ran like a caged rats throughout the city as the fears circled around us.
Where could we go?
Where could we hide?
Was ANYWHERE safe?
Do you know what that was like?
I will tell you: I was two minutes from the finish line, running on pure adrenaline and heart while my husband and friends were eagerly looking out for me: I was exhilarated.
Instead of finishing and celebrating with our planned festivities, we had to suffer through an ordeal that will affect me and haunt me for the rest of my life.

Why did it happen?? Because of your cover model, my dear RS. I want to look at his face about as much as I want to be back at that day.

Because of Tsarnaev, four beautiful souls lost their lives. Hundreds were life altering-ly injured. the most famed and beloved marathon in history is tainted. And, he stole a moment of my life from me that I will never, ever get back. Forever changed, forever gone. I will never get to cross that finish line.

We are a city that fights back. We will get him. We will make him pay. Your magazine portrays his innocence. He chose to build a bomb that was executed on a day when more than 500k spectators were in attendance. Marathon Monday is second only to the Super Bowl. He took a peaceful day and tried to rip it’s heart out. But Boston is better and more than that. BostonStrong: a way of life, a frame of mind.. A piece of every soul from the area combined to make one beautiful city.

Take your cover and shove It up your ass.

Nicole Bedard: 7 time Boston Marathon runner


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