Where I’m at with my Baystate training & things to remember!

(for the first Baystate Marathon training post, you can go here)

This post has taken me a while to write. The words just WOULDN’T COME. and it took me a little while to figure out exactly WHY: I’m not 100% happy with my plan. The summer is flying by at quite an alarming rate. This week puts me at 12 more Sundays until Baystate. Whaaaaat! It feels like I just started training last week!

The way I’m feeling lately, I am 100% ready for it. I have been sticking to the basic workout outline for my training plan. For me, the long runs are a piece of cake. During training, it’s always the “workouts” that I have slacked on. Not this time. I have been doing my due diligence with speedwork, tempos, and hills. The variance with the types of runs I’m doing is working to make me a faster runner.

My “easy run” paces are much faster than they used to be. It shocks me to look down at my watch during a run on tired legs that are not pushing it to see that I’m hitting a low 8 minute miles. My training plan has me taking my 3:45 PR from February and turning it into a 3:18 finish for Baystate. If when this happens, I think I will cry out of sheer happiness.

But. All of my runs are actually going much faster than the plan suggests, and my “average pace per a mile” is getting faster on a weekly basis. I know it is because of my commitment to running a variety of runs. I seriously can’t stick to my training plans easy run pace suggestions. I would be holding myself back way, way too much. I know the plan is designed to make you ready to give more during your actual “workouts”.. but…I don’t find myself holding back on those either.

So, what now? I haven’t decided if I should scratch this plan, and write a completely NEW one. Or, should I keep it and loosely follow its workout days as I have been doing? I consistently follow it for the speedwork/tempo days and stick to its paces and mile repeat suggestions. I also follow their long run mileage for the week.


This is my plan for the first ten weeks of training. My “easy run” pace currently is about 8:07-8:15-much faster than the plans range of 9ish avg pace. So now I ask all of you: do you stick to your training plan and follow it to a t?? Let’s hear your suggestions!

Things to remember about marathon training:
There is an average of 12-18 weeks in a given plan. Many, many days of running like a crazy person. (84-126 days to be exact!) Often times we find ourselves so overwhelmed playing the “numbers game” of how many miles we are running. This week is my seventh week of marathon training! Among all the chaos that accompanies it-I wanted to take a minute and address a few areas that I myself am even guilty of forgetting!

1. Try new stuff! Never stop learning about your own body Take notes of what works for you and what doesn’t. Sneakers, fuel, clothing, paces…gosh. Everyone is different. Find what works for YOU and keep learning from it. Often we fall into a rut of sticking to the same exact things, all the time. I get that-I am a Brooks snob and that most likely won’t ever change, but I know I need to keep trying new products and things!!! I didn’t even try NUUN until this year. Keep looking at all there is out there because there is a looooot of variety for every area of running.

2. Do not, I repeat:DO NOT stop having fun with your training. Runners are focused crazypeople, are they not? Eyes on the prize, pace driven beasts. As you go through your days, don’t forget that this is also FUN. I don’t know a single marathoner who goes through an entire training cycle hating it. Why would you be doing it if you hate it? This is something for you! Each run has some little piece that is fun. Maybe it’s that you’re running with a partner, or a gorgeous sunrise. Even when a run is crappy, try to remember its FUN pieces, too.

3. Reflect back on old runs to see your progress. Look at your apps/Garmin software, running journal and compare a run you did last week or last year to a run you just did. Do you see your improvements? Yay! Comparing runs is one of my favorite things to do–> I love to see my own progress! I mean..nobody but me truly cares about it but it’s so cool to see.

4. It’s okay to rest. You won’t lose fitness, I promise. If you are dragging yourself through multiple runs, or feel twinges in places that shouldn’t have twinges–take a day off. Or, take two. Listen to your body. It’s the only one YOU get.

5. Celebrate your hard runs, or the run you didn’t want to do. I sometimes hate speedwork while I’m doing it. But when I’m done I’m soooooo proud of myself. I love the sense of accomplishment after I kick my own a**. You should feel proud of yourself! As you’re racking up the miles and doing your new longest run-give yourself a high five, or keep that promise to yourself that you can buy those new sneakers…whatever gets you from the start to the finish of your run…just do it. maybe your celebration is that you can take the next day off from running after? There’s a million ways to celebrate!

6. Remember your WHY******** if you forget the other five things remember this one!!!!! Why are you training? Why did you start? Your motivation behind your running and training is personal to you but please don’t ever forget it. For me-my motivation is to BQ. I want it so bad, I can taste it, and fewer things are as powerful as personal motivation. Remember yours!

Training plans-follow them strictly or loosely?

What do you have trouble remembering about your training?


Thank you Jacqueline at SkinnyChicBlog for the inspiration behind this post! If you haven’t read J’s (never Jackie) blog before, check her out..she is funny, sarcastic, lovely, and is always realistic even when the sh*ts hitting the fan.

THIS… is my Favorite song right now. It’s sexy, I love the lyrics, and it sounds really good at top volume over the speakers in my car..

THIS is my group of girlfriends(and one of our dudes snuck in the pic, but we like him so it’s cool) ❤️ and I love them. And I get to see them THIS weekend.


THIS is how I want to spend ALL ridiculously hot days: with Moscow Mules!


THIS is where I spend the majority of my summer, and do the majority of my blog work, IPAD on my lap. Not too shabby. #lifeisgood

THIS is now my favorite social media tool… I joined IG a couple years ago, but I was really only a “special event” IG’er…now I just think it’s the cats meow. Please keep the awesome pics coming at me, I giggle, I find recipes, I connect..it’s so fun to use! INSTAGRAM!!

tell me something current in your life!

Marathon Sports 5 Miler Race Recap

Yup. That title says race recap! Thursday night I had a secret race planned. Well, not totally secret-I just didn’t talk about it on the blog. Look at that, I kept a race a secret!!! I really wanted to do another 5k but I couldn’t find one in the area that could coordinate with my crazy busy life this week. Sometimes in the summer-I wonder how I can do ALL that I do and have a full time job because this week is crazy!!

I stumbled upon the Marathon Sports 5 Miler in Weston MA. I had noooo idea where Weston was, I just knew it sounded cool, and I wanted to do it. It doesn’t really take much for me to think it’s Cool, though. I’m kind of a “race slut” this year…I just really like racing.

Anyway-I didn’t want to fly solo-it is just soooooo much more fun and rewarding to run a race when you’re doing it with someone else-so my girl M agreed to do it with me. You know M-we did the 4th of July race together…

….where we matched…and the Great Bay Half Marathon….

I’m lucky she is down for all the short races because she immediately signed up..YAY for friends!!!

It turns out Weston is about 45 minutes from where we live. Who knew? the race started at 7pm, So we left at 5 so we could avoid such race faux pas as not having enough time to pee, standing in long lines, being able to warm up… Traffic was terrible and what should’ve taken us 45 minutes brought us to not arriving to the parking lots until 6:33pm. We both had to use the portas STAT and get our numbers-short on time, once again. There were 851 finishers, And 10 porta potties. Ten. #youdothemathonthelines. We only had time to stand in line and pee-we left the car and I had thought we would be returning to it so I didn’t even have time to go back and grab my GU&my headphones. It was a silent run, with my cell phone in my hand, and me fearing the whole time I would drop it. (I didn’t)
two cuties in the porta potty Line waiting for the race to start…we are Also wearing superhero tanks-hers has the “s” on the chest for Superman(woman!), and mine has Wonder Woman…question of the day:why did under armour make the logos the same color as the shirts??

The Start
..Was a little confusing. Person upon person on a grass field (side note-grass is hard to run in with running sneakers, yes? I’ve never done much “grass running” before) and we didn’t really know where we were going once we started. It started late 7:06 by my Garmin, and the race director announced it with his megaphone that the delay was due to roads not being totally closed. I am ok with late starts if it means that cars and I are not “bowling”. IE-I am the pin, they are the balls. Whatev, 6 minutes for safety-fine. My only complaint here is that it took soooo long for the crowd to thin out. Maybe two miles? At least, if not three miles before I could safely say that I wasn’t elbowing/getting head elbowed. #shortgirlprobs

I’ve never done a 5 mile race,
so I didn’t really know what I was going to do time-wise. By mile 2, I was quickly passing people, and for the rest of the course-it stayed that way. I was only passed by one dude-we shall call him “Mouth Breather”. I knew MB was using me as a mark because he was RIGHT ON my heels for 3+4. At that point I just wanted MB to pass me so I didn’t have to listen to the loud noises. Sorry, Man With Loud Breath- these were actually thoughts in my head, I’m sure you’re a lovely fellow… He was my only passerby. I also am proud of myself that I obeyed my number one short race rule-ignore thy Garmin.

It was a little hilly,
but my legs felt great. In fact, I was glad that I had done such a hilly course for my long run on Saturday since I probably did better because of it. I was glad I never looked at my Garmin. Each mile marker felt like it came up quickly, and I was never dying throughout the race. It was over and done before I had time to really worry about anything. My time:

It’s not often that you’ll hear/read this from me-but I am fine with this time. I thought I would do about 32-33….but given the fact that I was hungry, it was 71% humidity,
I had zero minutes to stretch, warm up, and had no headphones…I am Happy. . yeah, cherish that sentence-it doesn’t happen often. M also did AMAZING with a time of 43ish minutes:) YAY!!

The Post Race was chock full of stuff. I have never run a race with sooo many freebies…. We got our free t shirts, a million lara bars, full size bottles of chocolate coconut water and regular coconut waters, a super cool mileage tracker for our shoes called the “Milestone Pod”, and a whole bunch of other swag. THAT alone made up for the annoyance of the course over population, traffic, and lack of portas. There was also pizza and watermelon and most likely more stuff that we didn’t see because we live an hour away and it was already past 8.
These Grandmas had to get home..,

What the 5 miler ended up being for me was a sort of tempo run. I haven’t done any speed work this week because I wanted to save my legs for this. I had plenty of gas left in the tank when I was done, and I didn’t feel like puking:that is how I know I could’ve gone “harder”. I also didn’t HATE running like I did after my 5k. Next time! For now, I bid you a very happy weekend!

5 milers-love? Hate?

Do you like it more than the 5k or do you prefer a 5miler?

Night races? For or against?
I like them… But not being at work right now makes it tough because I have to wait around alllllllllllll day for a race to start. (I know, first world problems, right? The poor teacher has the summer off…haha!!!)

Spotlight post: My Fabulous Sister In Law

Not a lot of people are as lucky as me when they get married. How many horror stories do you head of terrible in laws, awful brother in Laws, or family dramas that make your head spin? There are a lot of terrible awful no good family structures out there and thank GOD I’m not in one of them. I was lucky to marry into a family full of people I LOVE.My mother and father in law are just the kindest, big hearted people, and my BIL, my SIL, my niece and nephew are some of my very favorite people on the planet. Seriously, I hit the jackpot.
Anyway, today I’m going to tell you a little bit about my relationship with my sister in law, Tara. And then, I am going to ask you for your help with something very important.

Oddly enough-my SIL isn’t my husbands sister-she is my brother in laws wife. Right when we met, we were instant friends. How could you not love someone who is so fun/funny/inspiring? And I felt the same way about her…HAHA, I kid, I kid….she is all those things to me–and a wonderful role model for when I have kids of my own.

Tara isn’t only my sister in law, she is also my best friend. She (and my little sister) was my maid of honor in our wedding: She’s the first one I go to for advice (she is really wise) and to tell good news to. She is one of my biggest supporters of my running and always asks me how each race went. She is often my cheerleader and has gone to see me at several different finish lines: she was the first to tell me that she would be going back to the finish line for the 2014 Boston Marathon.

Tara is a bit like Wonder Woman: or rather, I WONDER how she does ALL that she does and how she does it so well… She is a Mom, Wife, teacher, photographer, sister, gym enthusiast, my BFF, a friend, daughter, cousin, really I could go on and on… and most recently, she has added a new adjective to her ever growing repertoire: runner!!!

She is never one to back down from a challenge and finds inspiration in all areas of her life: this year, Tara found herself to be incredibly humbled and inspired upon seeing the runners at the Boston Marathon. She saw the dedication of thousands of runners as we took back the streets of Boston. . In the back of her head, an idea begin to form….
…and I know she will run Boston someday, and I will be right there with her, coaching her towards the finish line!

I have mentioned before that Tara is training for her first half marathon in October. She has been doing great!!! She is about to start increasing her “long runs” to be greater than 5 miles. She has asked me for my tips on how I moved past 5,6,7, etc miles..I’ve given her my tips for long runs, but I have to admit: I don’t remember my own struggles as a new runner..it was so long ago that it is all fuzzy. She is in love with the days she runs and it makes her so happy! I know she can make this half marathon goal: all she needs is a little bit good advice from other fellow runners…

So this is where i ask you for your help:
New runners… How did make yourself run your long runs?
Those of you running for years… Do you remember your own struggles to get the distances in? Share or link your own posts back here! I know there are lots of people who read this blog who are thinking they want to run a half or full marathon, or are currently training for one, so your advice will help get them there!

Thanks in advance for your sage advice! 20140724-120036-43236715.jpg


Do you ever want to kick your computer in the face? Like a real good swift kick? But then you realize that the only one who will end up suffering from said kick is YOU because you will be paying for a new machine?

Today I realized that I have been commenting on several of my favorite blogs via my blog name/email/website….and the comments will NOT GO THROUGH. it appears that they do, only it is a LIE and the comments never actually post on your lovely blogs. At first i thought “well, maybe its my iphone.” So I tried my ipad. No. My Computer. Nope, Not going through. So if any of you are wondering why i haven’t commented on your amazing posts…this is why. I have no clue how long its been going on, and i have no idea if its actually consistent, either. 

 Has this happened to any of you? I’ve searched WordPress and have yet to find an answer so I thought I would put it out here and see if any of YOU have had this issue and HOW in the WORLD you keep from getting frustrated and kicking your computer/phone/IPAD?

Please save the blogger.


The weekend, long run recap& life celebrations!

What an awesome weekend!
A great long run of 18.33 miles. I haven’t run this course since I was in training for Boston. It’s chock full of tough hills throughout the entire course and it makes for a particularly challenging few hours. The last time I ran it, my times looked like this-

Yesterday’s run was this:

(my map my run & my garmin disagreed slightly)
My favorite part about this run was that I knew I was holding back with my paces because it’s been quite a while since I’ve run this far, and I didn’t want to burn out too quickly. I can’t wait to do it again and go full throttle into it. #ilovetorun

I love a long run. Especially after taking a day off (I took off Friday) to rest the old muscles. I wake up excited and my running feet are all peppy. I even lay out my outfit the night before.

Once you start logging lots of miles for marathon training, it can become a little monotonous. Long runs can get Especially repetitive. I’ve had more than my fair share of craprastic-I-can’t-freaking-wait-to-be-home long runs. Wrapping your mind around the distances can feel overwhelming. I try to take the run apart in my mind and break it into smaller, more manageable sections. And even though I looooove to see the splits that I hit, I don’t think about the total amount of miles I’m running-I think about getting to the top of Sherburne Road, and once I hit that mark, I move on to my next one. I try to live in the current mile: i can’t change or re-do the miles I’ve already done, only the one I am in now. This has always been the easiest way for me to handle the “bigger” distances.

After my long run, we had some friends over for an awesome get together!

Strawberry Rhubarb Sangria....it was amazing!

This little one is only 7 and is going to be taller than me within like a year!

Sunday was off to celebrate my amazing Memere who turned 85 this week!! We had Lobsterfest 2014-

Literally, biggest lobsters I have ever seen in my life!! They were delicious!
And the best cookies you have ever had in your LIFE-a blueberry oatmeal cookie with a lemon glaze. Amazing.

And a very happy bday to this lady:) my Memere is the coolest sweetest grandma ever. And she is now 85!!!!!!


I’ll be back this week with an update on my Baystate training!

How do you make it easy on yourself to handle long runs?

The week!

This week has been a week of determined runs. I have loved each and every one…
my Monday post half marathon easy run shakeout..

…my mid week long run that got cut short due to ominous black clouds a-rolling in…

And my track work out on Thursday morning..

You might have seen some of the above pics if you follow me on Instagram.
Let’s talk Speed work for a sec. I used to do all of my speedwork on a treadmill because I like to always be in control of my paces. This summer/late spring, I have really been stepping up my game with outdoor speedwork, via tempos, intervals, and Thursdays
Workout: speedwork on a track. I don’t usually hit the track-but I am fortunate to live 1 1/2 miles from one..so why not warm up on my run to it, and cool Down on the way back?

We did a speed workout based on one recommended by my training plan: a 9.76 mile run with a warm up/cool down and 4×1 mile repeats (1600 meters/4 laps around the track) with 800 meter (2 laps round the track) recovery jogs between each mile repeat. It was a lot of fun, hard, I was ridic sore after…and I can’t wait to do it again…
Kristina took this pic of me as I was finishing my last mile repeat:

That face actually says “WHY ARENT I DONT YET??

This type of workout is a HARD workout..and shouldn’t be repeated more than every 7-10 days. It was surprisingly a lot easier for me to run speed on a track vs a treadmill. I felt free, and I wasn’t staring at my treadmill willing the distance to be DONE already!! On a track, YOU control how fast you are going. I found myself having the urge to beat my previous lap. it was cool. the last time I was on this track was when I was still in high school. And lazy. I think my gym teachers would be proud of me!

And some random pictures..
My handsome gardener..


The Strawberry Basil martini that I had at the Common Man and am going to try to recreate because I know my Dad will love it!. (New Englanders: go here, it is an incredibly warm and inviting atmosphere with home cooked food and drinks. They also have a cheese and cracker bar that you can hit up before your meals! Some Common Man’s are actually Inn’s as well! After you go, please feel free to send me a thank you card!)

A selfie because I haven’t done my hair/makeup/worn real clothes in like…a week. Hey, when I am off all summer, my clothes pattern varies between running clothes/bikinis/repeat.

All I can smell in my backyard is this. I love it..the husband says it smells like a funeral home. oh well, there COULD be worse smells, right?!

happy weekend!
Tell me what you are excited for this weekend?

-fun with friends on Saturday, and my Memeres bday party on Sunday!

-Track work:Love it or hate it?
Love, love, love. I wish I was a track star in high school.

Pro compression Grab Bag

Pro compression has a limited time offer for their amazing calf sleeves! You pay for 3 pairs, then they pick out 3 different colors and mail to you. I bought the grab bag on Monday and got them delivered to me on Wednesday morning! Sweeeeeet!!!!!

You can go here for the deal: It’s
Listed as a $55 deal for the three-but enter in coupon code “NEW” at checkout and save more-I spent only $33 on the 3 pairs!! That’s $11 pair of regularly $40-$50 sleeves! 😍😍😍

Grab them while you still can!

Happy calves and happy shopping to you all!


Race recap: Naraganssett Half Marathon

The morning of the race was gorgeous. As I left my house, I was actually wishing that I had a sweatshirt on. The sky was clear, and the sun was shining beautifully.

The Naragansett summer running festival was held at Stonehill College in Easton, MA. There was a 5k, 10k, and half marathon option. It took me about 70 minutes to get to the start. The race directors urged everyone to be there an hour before their respective gun times because the road restrictions would make racers unable to make it on time, so I was there, parked and ready for the day by 7 am. The race starts were located on the same road that you had to drive through to get to the parking lot. In the future, I would suggest moving the start to make the flow of traffic and people easier. There was a lot of commotion and confusion because of this.

After arriving, I immediately hit the porta potties and was happy to see this:

After last weeks race where there were way too few-this was a welcome sight.

The emails that runners had received over the weeks listed the starts as follows:
5k Race Start: 8:00 AM
Half Marathon Race Start: 8:15 AM
10k Race Start: 8:30 AM

So imagine my surprise when the announcer said the half marathon wouldn’t be starting until 8:25? All race starts were actually a 10 minute difference than what was listed on the email. I mean. I get it. People are late to races. But I listened to the directions, and got there an hour in advance…so did a lot of people. What didn’t happen is the roads weren’t closed off, at all, and people were still driving in right before the starts of the races. This annoyed me, a lot. Not specifically that people were late but, that there wasn’t any reason runners couldn’t have arrived slightly later. I would have much rather gotten there at 8 (or even 7:30) and hung out for 25 minutes vs 90 minutes. Not cool. I felt like I was duped.

The race itself did start on time (at least mine did…I didn’t pay any attention to the 5k start)There were no pace group signs, either: I don’t see these in every race, but this was a crowded half on a narrow road, so it would’ve been appreciated. It was insanely crowded for the first few miles. Midway through mile 1-a police officer stopped the runners into a dead stop because we had to let an ambulance go by. This happened once more -me having to come to a dead stop to allow a car to pass. I truly get stopping for the ambulance, but it was understandably frustrating. The first 2-3 miles were so ridiculously overcrowded that I couldn’t get by other runners to stretch my legs until about mile 4 when it finally started to thin out. Since the roads were open,I was constantly looking both ways before crossing the street…and there were a couple times that a car passed me and I did NOT appreciate it’s proximity..Move over, buddy!!

My first 7 miles I had all splits in the low 7 minute range. The heat started to hit me around then and I slowed down to miles in the 8’s for the rest of the course. Every time I stopped to take a drink, I slowed even more. I don’t like stopping during my long runs, even for my GU. I just drink/eat on the fly because otherwise, it slows me down considerably, and my legs just do not want to move. If I had taken my Camelbak, I’m 100% sure I wouldn’t have been as slow. I needed more water than what I was taking in, and the fact is-I haven’t run more than 10 miles all summer long without having it on my back. I shouldn’t have worried that I hadn’t run goal paces with it and I should have thought about how awesome I am with hydration during my runs because of it. And let’s be real: during a race, it is NOT easy to drink from a cup!
The course itself was hilly. I was honestly fine with them, i was just hot. Like can-I-take-my-clothes-off-and-jump-in-your-pool-right-now-HOT. I checked the forecast from the day and the humidity ranged from 69%-87%. Just about every other mile had a cooling station set up by some really nice folks who were willing to rack up their water bills to cool us poor runners down….for once, all the sprinklers were pointed AT the runners! I think I ran through every single one to get a little relief.

One pretty big detail bothered me about the water stops-it was advertised in the emails that at miles 3.5 and 7.6 there would be GU offered… I never saw it and believe me I was looking because I LOVE GU and I love when a race has that and not Powerbar. Powerbar Gel is the worst invention, ever. So two different stops-no GU. I had even debated leaving my GU at home that morning because I figured I would get the two I needed along the course. So glad I took them with me because when I ate them, I really needed it. Also a bothersome detail: I saw only one mile marker- Mile 10. I had my Garmin so I knew where I was- but i didn’t notice a single other sign.. if you ran this: please let me know if you did.

By mile 10- I started to feel queasy. You know the feeling, right? The one where you’re not sure if you will make it through to the end without hitting a bathroom? Yeah, that fun feeling…The finish line could not come soon enough. The last 2 or 3 ( I apologize…things are hazy from this point and I also have zero desire to research and let you know exactly how much distance was run on the trail) miles were done along a trail, which was a nice touch. We also ran around the Stonehill College track for a bit: it was gorgeous.

All three races were intertwined during the end and that annoyed me. I had to always pay attention to which direction to head in and I didn’t want to. I just wanted it to be done. In my opinion, having the three options starting so close to one another is a lot for both the directors, and the runners. Signs, course directions, confusion…it’s alot to process. Just my own opinion…one or two races: thats fine..but having the 3 is too much. (disclaimer: race directors DID make it crystal clear via email that the races intertwined..I just personally didn’t like it)

When I finally finished, I was annoyed, disappointed, and disgusted with myself. I plopped down and texted my husband that I didn’t hit my goal time or his goal time for me. (He randomly made a deal with me on Saturday that if I hit a 1:23 half-he would run a 5k, & then a half marathon with me. This is the man who never runs!) His reply was “that’s ok, at least I don’t have to run.” #Someday… After that, I had to immediately text Kristina to tell her how I did, and how mad/sad/feelin bad I was and she sent me this text. It was exactly what I needed to hear:
And she is RIGHT. Obviously, in that moment after reading that text I did not think so, but, by the end of Sunday night I could conceivably wrap my head around moving on.

After finishing, I realized that if I had brought my Camelbak, it would have gone better for me. I made the decision to leave it at home because I had never run “goal pace” with it on. Had I brought it along, it probably would have saved me. It’s not that I was so overwhelmingly thirsty-it was more that I felt like I needed constant hydration to deal with the heat and the amount I was sweating because of it. I also figured out that I haven’t done a single run in direct sunlight for a while, and that’s something I guess I unfortunately need to practice for my next half marathon on August 3. Every tempo and speed workout this summer has been done nearer to the 6 am hour, or on my treadmill.

I knew I had way more I could have given to this race because even though I was sore-i woke up the next day feeling like I had just run a normal long run. I kind of like the feeling that comes the morning after a ridiculously hard run-like the ‘kick your ass types of run, and I didn’t have that so much from this race…it was heat exhaustion over muscle fatigue.

It’s hard to explain your own disappointment for not hitting your goal without a little self doubt and anger creeping in . I really really thought I was going to break 1:40, I truly did. I didn’t have even one doubt in my mind. No one can be more disappointed and angry than me. When it comes to bad races, unfortunately, I really am my own worst enemy and harshest critic. When you don’t perform as you think you should…it is devastating. So what do you do when this happens to you? You have to pick up the pieces and move on. Dwelling will only get you down, not make you faster. I know that every race still deserves to be celebrated, whether it’s good or bad, so I broke out a new pair of Pureflows☺️
I know that one “bad” run does not a runner make, and in truth, I realized that if I had done that run out around my house on Sunday? I would have been PSYCHED to have had an average of 8:04 for my overall time. It was freaking HOT. The leading woman finished in 1:31…good for her for winning and all, but truly, I bet she would’ve done better on a 50 degree day. It is what it is and every run and race is a learning experience. I know what I need to do for my August half, and I know that race is STILL going to be deadly hot, so maybe I won’t hang my hopes so high on it! I have my eye on a lovely September half already and to be truthful, that’s where it’s usually at for PRs for runners anyway-a day that isn’t 900 degrees and 1,000,000,000.% humidity that makes you think you are actually running ON the freaking sun.#nobodylikesthat #nearlyimpossibletobefast
I also remind myself of this:

If you average in the temperatures, I would’ve been 1:05-1:45 minutes quicker per a mile..so that does help me feel a little better…

The post race party looked great-beer, lobster rolls ( I’m assuming you had to buy them) free samples of frozen Greek yogurt pops, and other goodies. I didn’t stick around because I had a hot date with a 7 year old and I was NOT feeling too great. I grabbed a sea salt caramel Greek pop, waited to see my placement, then hit the road. Hot runs are just draining on my body, and when I finally got home, I was sick in the batroom for a couple hours due to the terrific side effects that often accompany running in the heat.. Booooo.

I don’t know if I would do this race again. There aren’t really many races in July, so that was one of the reasons I picked it. I found myself more annoyed than happy with it, and I read somewhere on one of their emails that they were planning on increasing the field next year. It was already TOO big at the start, so unless they actually have the roads completely closed off, I don’t think I would do it.

They DID give free race pics to the runners. And even though I’m not crazy about them(please note my finish line face-this chic is clearly SPENT, & why do my legs always look terrible in race pics??)..at least they were free!!




Again, thank you all for your kind words and well wishes! You guys ROCK and really made my day!

Ever run a hot race?

It was Hot.

Thank you so much to everyone for your good luck wishes yesterday!! You all rock!!

I am so tired right now. And still a bit sick/weak from earlier. Woof. I don’t have the energy for anything more than some pictures at this point.

I am literally off to bed at 8pm and I promise a real recap later-maybe not until Tuesday because it has been the most insane few days in my little world!

So I will leave you with a few weekend pictures…
A PERFECT and GORGEOUS baby shower for a childhood bestie…it was on the water at Seaglass in Salisbury, MA. This was the view:

Race day outfit prep..

And smiling before the storm. I mean the Half. The fun half. The super awesome half.

Fun World afterwards (and trust me, I was pretty loopy while there..note to self-don’t do things after races. Except for sleep.


Kid has legs for days…❤️

And finally…I am so overwhelmingly disappointed in my time, (obviously). In a nutshell:It was 80 by finish, there were stops by policemen due to letting traffic pass, and major dehydration.
And it was hot. Did I mention that?


5th in my age group, finished in the top 10%, and I promise I will explain my anger/sadness/upset tomorrow!

Big hugs for all your kindness❤️