Sports Bras: My Favorites, non favorites, and some just so-so’s!

As promised: My sports bra favorites! I never realized that I had such a large sports bra collection until I sat down to write this post! Not pictured here are the duplicates I have of my favorites. I think that I have been on a quest to find the “Perfect Sports Bra” and never knew it until writing all this down!

I decided that I would score each bra in my sports bra collection. Scores are based on support, comfort, price, chafe-ability, and cuteness (I had to put that in there). To me, my perfect bra has adjustable straps & back closure, comes in bra cup sizes, doesn’t chafe me, is reasonable priced, and offers good support. OH, and it has to be a really fun/BRIGHT color! Most bra’s last about 6 months for me; sometimes they last longer. I try to extend their life with hand washing & line drying.

1.) For years, I only bought sports bras at places like TJ Maxx & Marshalls. I still peruse the aisles to see if I can find one that I like, but lately I haven’t been as lucky.  The first sports bra in my collection is one I have had for YEARS. I don’t even know how long I’ve had it for- I would say at least 3 years? You’re not supposed to keep/wear sports bra’s for that long, but this one has held up over the years. It’s a new balance sports bra and I probably spent $12.99 on it.

I give this bra a score of 75%. I now only wear it for shorter runs (7 or under). It hardly ever chafes me and it’s really comfortable. It doesn’t have lined cups or anything that makes it look supportive, but it is. When I first bought it, this was the bra that I always made sure was clean so it was ready for me when I wanted to use it. Because it’s really old-it’s not as supportive as it used to be and I no longer wear it on long runs. I find that it gives more of a uni-boob look rather than two separate boobs (that was such a weird sentence) and the score was lowered in the cuteness category. If it was a brand new bra- it would have scored higher!

2.) Moving Comfort. Last June was the time that the above NB bra started to chafe me so I was on a MISSION to get some sports bra’s that did no such thing to my poor boobs. I bought 3 Moving Comfort sports bra’s (2 pictured here because I have 2 of the same ones). I really liked these at first, they are very supportive and I love the color. But they began to chafe me within a month.

The hotter the temps got, the more these bra’s began to leave marks. No matter how much glide or vaseline, it seemed that I was left with a mark. I know a lot of you have amazing luck with Moving Comfort, however, I do not. I would probably give them another shot, however it would only be if I found a MC bra on a very deeply discounted clearance price. I was really disappointed that these didn’t work for me because I spent about $50-$60 on each one. I hate to give these such a low score… but I have to do it-55% (don’t hate me, Moving Comfort fans!)

3.) Under Armour. I found one similar to mine here. I love the bright blue color of this bra. I bought this one on the same day that I bought the Moving Comfort bra’s. it works great, but I can only wear it when it’s cooler outside: the little zipper leaves a little mark on me when I’m super sweaty! The support on the bra is decent. If the straps adjusted-It would score higher.

I give this bra an 73%…It’s score is lower because I can’t wear it all year round, it’s not 100% in the support category, and it was about $50, so that’s a lot to spend! (In my opinion!)

4.) Target C9. I didn’t buy high impact bra’s when I made this particular trip to Target. I should have but I didn’t. These two pictured below are really cute and comfy. I have worn both running before, but I don’t anymore because the stripes one isn’t supportive enough, and the purple can randomly chafe me if I get too hot. Now I use these bra’s solely for BBG workouts, or any time I want/need to have a bra on but don’t want to feel like I’m actually wearing one. I would wear it for yoga or any low impact activity, just not running.

Since they are so reasonably priced (each bra was under $20) and very cute, I give them a 90%! Keep in mind, this isn’t a running sports bra for me though. For the purple, I found a similar one here, and you can go here for a similar one to the stripes!

5.) This is the bra that inspired Friday’s post. It is SO CUTE! It’s PINK! BRIGHT PINK!! It comes in cup sizes vs s-m-l, and felt very supportive and comfortable. It also has an adjustable back closure, which I love.

This bra is really pretty & I’ll be honest with you: I bought it because it was pretty. I was SO EXCITED to wear it on a tempo run last week. It was really cool morning-only about 55- and completely dry. I finished the run and immediately felt how chafed I was. Band area, under my boobs, side of my boobs. I don’t get it. It’s not too small, and it’s not too big. It is the “baby bear” of sports bra’s but apparently I’m Goldilocks and I don’t belong in this bra? I don’t know. I want to give it another shot, but I also want to NOT be chafed like this ever again in my entire life. So we’ll see. I refuse to keep something so expensive that draws blood-so if I’m not going to keep it, I’m going to return it this week. The bra cost $49.50, but I had a coupon so I spent less. Still, I am not going to keep it if I’m not going to wear it!

I’ve felt before that VS is off in their sizes- I often buy a size and wish I had sized down to a smaller size. However, their bra’s have always been on point (for me). I think that if the straps of the bra were adjustable, I wouldn’t have gotten so beat up. Overall-it got a score of 66%. This seems really high to me! I only wore the bra for 52min and I was ridiculously chafed like I had run a marathon! The more I write about the bra makes me realize–> IT MUST GO BACK!

6.) This is another VS bra. Again, I had a coupon and didn’t pay the full price of $58.50. I adore this color and the strappy back of the bra is my favorite part! This bra doesn’t have adjustable straps, but maybe the thickness of the straps makes it not need it? When I wear it, I don’t feel the need for them. I have to be honest with you in the fact that I’ve only worn it 4-5 times. But, i haven’t chafed and it has remained comfortable. I am giving this bra an 85%! It scored only 5 pts in the “price” category. If I hadn’t had a coupon-I wouldn’t have paid full price for it because that’s ALOT!

7.) This is the last VS bra I’ll show you, I promise! I bought this one at the semi annual sale earlier this month. I try to stock up on stuff during that sale because you can get alot of extremely overpriced merchandise for a good deal.

I love the adjustable straps and the light coral color. It also has an adjustable closure back. BOOM. A trifecta of important things! Again, I’ve only had this bra for a few weeks, but it’s fairly comfortable, has good support, looks cute, and it comes in bra cup sizes. I got this bra on sale, but it’s regular price is $49.50. Even though it’s comfortable, I think it has the possibility to chafe me on a long run, so unless I’m stuck-I’m going to stick with wearing it for shorter runs. Overall, I scored it at 85%.

8.) Nike.I LOVE this bra. I love the color, the fit, and how seamless it is. I bought it 10 months ago and wore it consistently for 6 months. For the first 6 months, it never once chafed me, stayed put, didn’t give me a uni-boob. I wore it for every long run. After those 6 months, it started to wear out and randomly chafe me along the straps and my back. I haven’t gotten a replacement (yet) but I truly adore this bra. Although it doesn’t have adjustable straps or closure, it stayed right where it was supposed to and it also comes in bra cup sizes. I now only wear it for shorter runs. I think that the support in it is wearing out and it holds up better for shorter runs.

I’m going to pretend that this is a brand new bra instead of an older one (it’s my scoring chart and I can do what I want to!) because this bra REALLY did its job for it’s predicted life span. ANd although it IS expensive ($65), I firmly believe that it was worth every damn penny: 90%!

9.) Skirt Sports! Save the best for last! I love this bra and I have 3 of them. It has adjustable velcro straps and you also have the ability to make it a cross back bra. There is also an adjustable closure in the back. I love the bright pink color, and it’s really comfy. It’s now my go to bra. I’ve been wearing this bra for about 8 months, and so far none of the 3 have worn out on me. SS also has “Bra bling” and you can swap out your bra straps for new ones! Pretty cool!! This is my go to long run bra, and really, I tend to pick this bra up first before any others. I’m an ambassador for Skirt sports, and I swear, they are not paying me to say this: I LOVE THIS BRA!!!! I am actually planning on buying a new one soon because I think one of my pink ones is going to be hitting the good will bin sometime soon. It’s pricey- $65, but just like the Nike bra, I think it’s worth every penny. Annd you can use my 20% discount code (SSGWR20) some good savings :)

I gave this bra a 95%! It got 15/20 in the “price” category because you can use my discount code and save. Other than that-it scored a perfect 20 in everything else!!

I hope this helps you! And for anyone who wondered what scoring model looked like (Don’t judge me on the white out, please and thank you!)

How long do your sports bra’s typically last for?

Mileage Recap, BBG Week 2, & some running things!

Monday-Off from running. BBG- Legs. This week there was so much jump roping. I am the worst jump roper EVER! The goal is to do as many reps of each circuit within the 7 minutes. I actually had to stop my timer when it was time to do the jump roping because to do 100 “skips” (that’s what the book calls them) it was taking me nearly 7 minutes. I told you–Worst jump roper EVER. I’m way too uncoordinated. Maybe this workout will help me improve???

Tuesday: Off. I had planned on doing the Good Times 5k race with my girlfriend. The weather prediction called for thunderstorms & a possible tornado RIGHT at the race’s start time. I still wanted to run it (because the weather is not always right), but, My husband convinced me to stay. It was unexpected 2 day break from running!

Wednesday: 8 miles, 8:24 avg pace, BBG day 2 (arms & abs).
After 2 days off from running, I would’ve expected my legs to feel fresh and well rested, but they didn’t! Every mile was exhausting, and it wasn’t even hot outside! It’s so weird how certain runs can feel so awesome, yet others- you have to work for a pace that you know is slow for you!

Thursday: 7 mile tempo run with my speedy friend, BBG Day 3, Full body.
We were a minute faster than our tempo run last week! 3 tempo miles averaged 7:10. My goal is to continue to add mileage and get my average tempo miles to be down from 6:55-7:00.IMG_6905
I had to move my 3rd BBG day to Thursday vs. Friday because my long run was moved from Saturday to Friday.

Friday: 16 miles,8:14 avg pace. I feel like I haven’t had a great long run in about a month. I know that this week & last, my pace was impacted because my legs are still adjusting to the strength workouts. I started thinking about some awesome long runs that I had last month, and getting down on myself about it. BUT THEN–> I remembered that at this time LAST year, I couldn’t get past a 2:16 for a 16 miler. I remember how HAPPY I was that I did it in 2:16!! Here I was, getting mad at myself for only running a 2:11! I thought about the other good things about this run: That I was a couple minutes faster in the 2nd half than the 1st, and that I was 2 minutes faster than last week. Moral of the story: Find the silver lining for every negative thing in your life!!

Saturday: 7 miles, 7:59 avg pace.

Sunday: 4 miles in 30 min. It ended up being a progression run with my miles being 7:57, 7:22, 7:20, 7:17.

44.1 miles for the week, 8:00 avg pace.

BBG thoughts for Week 2: I am loving these guides. Besides jump roping, I learned some other new not- so- fun things that I’m not good at and dislike: Commando’s! I will gladly take burpees over commando’s any and all days of the week. I love how strong I’m feeling- my body is responding very well to all this new strength work and I love it! Overall, I feel very lean and very strong.

Now for some randomness…(You know you love it)

-Sunday was really wet and rainy here. I wore compression socks for my run-this was the first time I’ve worn them outside in a couple of months. It felt SO good to wear them! I haven’t been wearing them because I don’t want the awkward tan lines that go along with them!

-I have a RACE this week-4th of July themed! To tell you the truth, I’ve been pretty excited and pretty nervous about this race for quite a while. It’s a 5k, which I hate, but its extra special because I set my current 5k PR at this race last year..and it was also my very 1st 5k! It annoys the CRAP out of me that I CANNOT BREAK MY 5K PR. I’m really good at controlled speed over long periods of time..aka marathons and half marathons. I don’t excel at the all out burst of speeds that are required to be amazing at the 5k. They are HARD for me. It drives me crazy that my PR was set at my VERY FIRST 5K back when I wasn’t even doing much speed training!

My husband says that I should just get better at pushing through the pain, and “just book it”. He is right– but this doesn’t mean that it’s easy for me to do it! I’m so hoping for a new PR!! Fingers crossed and please send me speedy thoughts this Friday night at 7pm!

-I really love the Facebook memories thing that pops up daily. It was really weird that I was thinking about my long runs at this time last year. FB must have read my mind because a picture I posted a year ago was my memory for Sunday-I was very proud of that 2:18 run! And another memory from June 28th was a status I had posted that eventually gave me the name for this little blog of mine.
Sometimes I really like the walk down memory lane!!

Do you do a 4th of July themed race?
Any PR’s that feel “unbreakable” for you??

10 Things I Hate About You..I’m talking to YOU, SPORTS BRA!!!

The Sports Bra. It’s a necessary evil for female runners. Why I have been cursed with large knockers is beyond me. But, I have them, sooo I’ve gotta suit up accordingly for my daily runs. If I could get away with not wearing one-believe me, I would take that opportunity because I loathe The Sports Bra..

In no particular order, these are my top 10 hates about sports bras!

1.) When it is too hot out….My sports chafes me in the most irritating places. Not only around the band area, but sometimes along my shoulders..

2.) And then this leads to the dreaded shower burn. The worst is when you aren’t aware yet when you jump in the shower and the stinging water bring on a whole new world of pain sensations that you weren’t ready for.

3.) Of course, it’s not only the blazing sun that chafes you. It’s being wet from the rain too. It’s just as much pain to be sopping wet from rain as it is hot and sweaty from heat!

4.) Let’s not forget how uncomfortable a sports bra can be when you’re pms-ing. Swollen and already tender breasts do not make for a happy runner. Nope. It’s dragging around two heavy boulders and WHY can’t I take them OFF for a day????

5.) That they are pricey. A good sports bra is often the same as shorts and a tank. So unfair.

6.) Even though its necessary, why do most of them make my boobs look like they are in a shelf? A uni-boob shelf situation to be exact…..

7.) Is there anything worse than the scab/scar that the bra leaves behind for you? It makes for an attractive bikini situation, I will tell you that much!

8.) And why does it take so long to go away?? (Mine takes a week-2…depending on how deep the war wound is!)

9.) You can try covering yourself in Vaseline, Body Glide, Amazing Chafe-resisting Sports Bra Gu (I made that one up) but somehow, the bra leaves its mark. (((SIGH)))

10.) The moment your favorite sports bra chafes you and the moment you realize you can’t wear it anymore and have to find a replacement? UGH.

This post has been inspired by a nasty sports bra chafe from a new bra I wore this week….It was noooo bueno and its going BACK to the store!!

Next Tuesday, I will be posting my favorite/least favorite sports bra’s, and links to where you can get them!

Happy weekend!

What do you hate about sports bras?

It’s the final countdown! & Mileage recap for 6/15-6/21

Happy Tuesday!! How was your weekend? Mine was really fun and filled with all the best stuff: Friends, family, fathers and of course:running!!

This is the last week of school, and today is my last day!!!!! Yahoooooooooo!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it’s already here! The final countdown of hours left in my school year is ON.

Mileage/BBG Recap for 6/15-6/21

Monday:(no running) BBG-Legs& Cardio. first day of BBG!!! As I mentioned last week, this workout is extremely challenging! Friday was the first day that I woke up and WASNT sore in my legs from Monday’s workout.the moves are easy enough, however they are extremely effective.

Tuesday- 7 easy miles. First run in you new Ghost 8s, and they were a dream come true to my happy feet!!

Wednesday- AM.  7 miles with my girlfriend, middle miles @7:13 avg pace. I love the tempo run!! All summer long, I will be working on getting that tempo pace DOWN.

  Wednesday PM-BBG-Arms & abs.

Thursday-4.25 easy miles

FridayAM1.5 mile warm up, 6x400s w/400 recovery in between. Splits were 1:29, :30, :30, :29, :30, :30. As far as 400s go-this was probably my best, and most evenly executed splits that I have ever run before. I am so happy with my progress! It was fun to do these with a friend who is a little bit faster than I am-I loved chasing after her and it definitely motivated me to dig in and go for it.

Friday-PM- BBG,abs/cardio, 2.5 mile run. On Friday, I was really happy with myself for completing a FULL week of these workouts. Each BBG day, I found myself to be really excited for the hard work I was about to do. Kind of like track workouts-I get totally excited to nail those splits!!!

I can see progress in myself already. My legs feel SO strong and my whole entire body feels stronger. I’m excited to see my weekly progress!


 Saturday-16 miles, 8:20 avg pace. After a whole week of new-to-me workouts, I’m not surprised that my pace was that slow! I’m completely okay with long run paces slipping sometimes because I know that it will take me a few weeks to get used to the workouts.

Sunday: 5 miles, in the pouring rain. This was such a refreshing run. Summertime rain= happy girl!

46.3 Miles for the week, 7:53 avg pace.

Do you like running in the rain?
Anybody out of school for the summer?

A “Stronger” ME.

Lately, I’ve been struggling with strength workouts. My interest has waned and I put it on the back burner to do “tomorrow.” But then tomorrow comes and once again, it’s pushed off until “tomorrow.” It’s a cycle! But its one I want to FIX because a stronger me is a stronger runner. When I am adding strength workouts, I feel so much better about myself. I feel better and I always think I look better too. So. I have been searching for “something” to help me get back on the strength train.

Even when I am incorporating strength regularly into my workouts, I find that I can get caught up in doing the same old thing all the time and that’s not good either! If I were to only run EASY runs ALL the time, I would have never started to get faster. By incorporating things like tempo’s and track workouts, I started to build up my speed endurance. That made me a better runner. It’s the same thing with strength- If I’m only doing the same old squats and arm workouts, I won’t see any progress and my body will get used to the workouts.

I absolutely love Instagram. I feel like that is where I make a lot of connections with people. It’s kind of like reading blogs, only you see just a little snapshot of what’s going on. I follow mostly all a LOT of runners, healthy food bloggers, running/food bloggers, and of course friends and family! It’s the MOST fun social media site (in my opinion). I can get tips from amazing runners, see my favorite runners as they progress with their training, and get an idea for dinner-all in my IG threads. Ok, I’m digressing…ANYWAY… Somehow, one of my IG friends must have posted a progress pic of themselves- a typical before and after photo, and it had the hashtag #bbg. Once I clicked on that I stumbled upon millions of pictures of girls with their progress photos, and eventually found out what “BBG” even means.

“BBG” stands for Bikini Body Guide. It’s a workout program designed by Kayla Itsines. It targets all body areas with special emphasis on abs. I followed Kayla on IG– she is just about the most motivational person EVER and I love her! She posts TONS of progress pictures of girls doing her workouts. They are all pretty amazing to see. I kept going to her website and looking at the guides but not buying them. She designed the workouts because she was a personal trainer hearing the same complaints from women in the gym all the time about hating their abs/thighs/butt, etc. Now millions of women all around the world use them!

SO finally, last week, I took the plunge and bought the guides. One thing that really sold me is that to do the workouts, you don’t need to go to a gym. Weights, a yoga mat, a timer, and I believe a jump rope are all you need. It’s a digital download book and I can view them as an ebook on my IPAD. It’s only 3 days a week for 28 minutes. That is NOTHING. I’m so excited about taking on a new challenge and I know that the regular strength exercises are going to make me a better runner. It’s a 12 week program and after the 12 weeks, you can buy the next session of weeks 13-24, or I believe just start the cycle all over again for your 12 week program. (It seems like a lot of girls do that)

I would like to tell you that I didn’t buy this program because I think I need to lose weight. I feel like I should make that clear because I’m sure someone will ask me that at some point. I really want to add strength training to my life. The main reason I bought a workout program is the same reason a lot like people join a running club or hire a personal trainer- Sometimes you need the extra motivation that comes along with joining a group. You’ll learn new stretching techniques, workouts and someone is planning them all for you so you don’t have to do the hard work! I like that I’m following a guide that is telling me what to do!

I started the BBG workouts this past Monday. Good LORD. It’s Thursday and I am STILL SORE. My inner thighs are still hurting! The first two days- I swear to you that I was “marathon sore”. My husband has been watching me do the workouts and says that I’m so sore because I’m finally doing a “real” opposed to a 10 ab/leg video. All I know is that I’m a runner, have been a runner for 15 years—and earlier this week I discovered new muscles in my legs that I did not know I had. This is a new challenge for me and I like it! I have been doing the workouts after I get home from work and still keeping up with my regular running stuff in the mornings.

Even though I LOVE seeing people’s progress pictures, as it stands right now-I’m thinking I probably won’t be posting many or ANY “progress pics”. I teach high school and am friends with a lot of former students on various social media sites. The thought of being half clad and having a picture of me for a student to stumble upon makes me cringe. NOPE, can’t do it.

When I set out to run on Tuesday morning, I thought I would be holding a terrible and slow pace. It took my legs about a mile to feel good and get warm. Once I got going though, I felt great and couldn’t believe how STRONG my legs felt after a day of working out. It’s a pretty good feeling! I get sore from running-but this new kind of soreness is very cool. I know I’m working out muscles that haven’t been used this way in a while.

I’m really looking forward to being a “stronger me” this summer!!

Have you ever bought a workout plan to make you stronger?

I didn’t dissappear & a mileage recap 6/8-6/14

First of all…HOW is it already halfway through June??? My “Facebook Memories” reminded me on Sunday that June 14th, 2012 it was my last day of school. Thanks FB. If I remember correctly-that was also the year I thought I was going to DIE during the marathon because it was almost 90. That year- we had no snow days. This year, we had 8 snow days so the last day of school is June 23rd. But….All those snowdays were so fun when they were happening  though….right??? 

Anyway. My hope for the summer is that I can get back to regular posting again! Every week there seems to be lots of Life Stuff that is happening that takes precedence right now.

Mileage Recap:

I took Sunday and Monday off from running. I wanted to REALLY rest my foot and didn’t want it to develop into a bigger problem. I was pretty nervous that it was going to develop into a full blown injury!!! The rest really helped and so did the Advil and the icing! Thanks for all of your suggestions, guys!! I now know it was from my shoes being tied too tight.

Monday -off, rested my foot

Tuesday-6 easy miles and my foot felt really good! took it for an easy paced test run and it felt great.

Wednesday- 6  easy miles with a friend.

Thursday- 7.6 extreme hilly Miles up Keyes Hill road in Pelham NH. Even though my next marathon isn’t hilly, I need to get better on hills. This road is actually full of rolling hills. No matter which direction you’re starting at-you’re going to be climbing!  I was happy to have this be my average pace up these mountains!! I am going to try to work this road into a run once a week. Maybe I will even be brave enough to do hill repeats on it (but probably not bc this hill is murderous!)  


Saturday- Run for Lyme disease 5k, 2 mile warmup, 3 cooldown

My cute friend Mareena let me know that there was a local race in our town and asked if I wanted to do it, too. The race started a mile up the road from me and took place on roads that I run on all the time. It was pretty much a no-brainer!

The race was organized as a project by a 14 year old kid named Jake Mercier. 5 years ago, he became extremely ill with a mysterious illness. He was an active kid who was suddenly struggling to get out of bed in the morning. After a 15 month waiting period, they finally diagnosed him with Lyme does seem and put him on antibiotics. 7 months later he was finally healthy again. I can’t imagine how scary that was for his family! He organized this race as a way to raise money and awareness of Lyme Disease and fund future research. The fact that a kid organized this race is amazing to me and was the final hook for me to sign up for another 5k (i serially hate them) However, it was worth running my most hated distance to listen Jake and his mom each make tear jerking speeches right before the race. So touching!

It was a little bit surreal to be at the race start:The Englesby Elementary School (formerly the Englesby Junior High) where I went for my 7th & 8th grade school years hosted the race. It’s always a little strange to be back at a school you went to as a little kid! The weirdest part was that the school looked EXACTLY the same as when I went there!

It was a beautiful day …for the beach. It was so freaking hot and the sun GLARED down at me. GLARED. Hot. I could hardly BREATHE. I think if it had started a little earlier like- 8 or 9 I would have done a little better…but 10 am was prime time for the sun! 


I took the female lead pretty early on-within the first few minutes. I kept it for the whole race, even though by the 3rd mile I positively wanted to DIE. When the police escorts drove by me to lead the way, I wanted them to pick me up. Ugh.

I was the 2nd finisher, even though the race results say I was third? That is WEIRD. You can see me outkicking the 3rd place finisher in the pictures, and he happened to be by my side at the start…I was clearly a few seconds ahead of him, yet the race results have him in second-and we both have the same time of 21:37…. SO weird. But anyway…I was the female winner, so YAY!

Run for Lyme 5k
I really dislike this picture, but I had to put it on here to show you the 2nd place dude and how he’s behind me!

21:37 for the win :)  

The best part of this was that I got to also run with two of my friends!! My good friend M and M’s husband B! This was M’s first race post baby and she did AMAZING!


It was time to get ready!!! My BFF had a very special secret date with her boyfriend. It was a secret engagement surprise that we were in on…and the plan was one of the most creative engagement plans I have ever heard of! My girls and I hung out for a little while while we waited for her arrival. It was awesome! Girl time followed by a side of celebrating :)

The newly engaged couple:) How amazing does the background look in this?!

Sunday: 15 slow miles with very heavy legs. I do not like the run after a 5k! It’s so hard and it hurts!!! Afterwards, it was a trip to Dick’s and my husband bought me some new Ghosts! :) I haven’t run in them yet but I ‘m really looking forward to it!

43.5 Miles for the week :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I’m sorry this post is a day late…Life happens I guess!!!

Surviving Summer Running!


Last year, I posted my tips for Surviving Summer Running. Around my neck of the woods, May was hotter than June has been. However, I’m pretty sure that is going to be changing soon! I thought they would helpful to pass these tips on to you for a reminder!

Happy Hump Day!

Originally posted on The Girl Who Ran Everywhere:


This weekend I got my first run of the season in temps higher than 65. We started at 9am and it was already about 80 outside. It was quite the steamy run!

I get a lot of questions about what I do in the summertime for running. New England’s summers are known to be brutally hot and unbearably humid. Not everyone has a tolerance for this, and I know I am one of the exceptions: I actually enjoy running in the heat. I will take an 85 degree day over a 25 degree day every time. I love running in shorts and a tank, and I find it SO satisfying to come in from a run and be absolutely disgustingly drenched with sweat.

However, much like running in the “extreme cold”, the “extreme heat” requires careful planning and strategy. There are lots of things to take into consideration before you…

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Mileage & an issue 

I had some great runs this week! (Until Saturday) 

Wednesday:  A track workout to celebrate National running day! 8 miles total.

Wednesday night: 3 miles with my new running friend Shannon!!

Thursday:Hills!! I watched McFarland USA on National Running Day and this quote stuck in my head. That movie is SO good & i highly recommend it for some good old Run-Spiration!

Friday: Tempo run with my new friend! It was a nice cool morning and we had a terrific run.

Saturday: 16 miles in 2:08…I was about 4 minutes slower than I thought I would be because my stupid left foot started hurting out of nowhere. I had to stop about 10 times and massage my foot/take off my shoe and rub the top of it. It is SO weird. I would have called for a ride home, but I was so far away that I felt guilty asking anyone to interrupt their Saturday and come to get me. (The hubs was at work) . My shoes are new-60 miles including Saturday’s run. (Pureflow 2s) it’s really odd that the 2s did this to my foot-I wore a pair of 3s that caused a pain in the same foot -however I haven’t worn them since that particular run. I’ve probably had 5(?) pairs of Pureflow 2s and it has never happened.  It feels like a pulled muscle from my big toe to the start of my ankle, it’s so weird. I’m partly blaming this one pair of work shoes that I wear all the time. I’ve been icing it and taking Advil…it still hurts. I am not happy!!!! I took Sunday off from running in the hopes of letting it rest/heal…hopefully a few days of no running will make it A-Ok. (I HATE DOCTORS, and will probably go *only* if it is 200% necessary )


40.1 miles, 7:48 avg pace. 

The rest of my weekend was relaxing and fun…

A trip to Bass Pro Shops for my husband…  


Mr Mac’s Mac & Cheese in Manchester, NH….I got the buffalo chicken mac & cheese, my husband had chicken bacon ranch…BOTH were amazing!!! If you’re ever in the area, you NEED to check it out!

Sunday Funday with my favorites! This girl: She is the funniest kid ever and she happens to be my niece!! I am a lucky auntie!!!  

SIL ❤️  

This guy. I like him.❤️❤️❤️

She is the funniest niece EVER!  

Look at those legs!!    

And finally….icing my foot as we drank Sangria!  

I hope you had a great weekend! 

Anybody ever have a random foot pain like this? What’d you do? 

Happy National Running Day & Why I Run!!!!

Happy National Running Day…One day late!!!

I keep wondering….When did National Running Day start?? According to my husband… “Every Day is National Runner’s Day to you,  Nicole”.   Huh. OK. Well. . . . Yeah. I’ll give him that one.

Why Do I run? So many reasons! When I think of my life before running, its really not as clear to me as my life is AFTER I found running. It’s like running gave me an identity. Running gave me a reason to spend quality alone time and sort through anything that was going on in my brain. This alone time shaped the rest of my life too. Becoming a goal setter made me set other non running goals too.  And that’s pretty cool.

In honor of National Running day, I’m going to give you some of my favorite reasons I run with some silly pictures!

1.) Because running dates are SO FUN!!!! This was one of my running dates last year with my RP on NRD. We did 9 hilly miles that morning. Good times!

2.) Because RACES ARE AWESOME!!! This pic is from my very first 5k last July. We were 2nd and 3rd in our AG. :)

3.) Thank you running for making me crave delicious and refreshing beer–> There is nothing like a long run to make you want BEER!! (well, I do anyway!)

4.) Getting new shoes is always great, but the first run in new sneaks is always amazing!

5.) Because running races with friends gives you a reason to wear matching shirts (we are both wearing superhero tank tops, although its pretty hard to tell)

6.) NEW RUNNING CLOTHES make me just as happy as new running SHOES…Look at that face. So happy!

7.) Last year I accidently stumbled upon Skirts Sports and fell in love. THANK YOU RUNNING for providing me with this amazing partnership!!!!

8. Thank you running for helping me make new friends!! This is my girl Erin here…she jumped in to help me BQ for the first time. It was so special to share this moment with her!!

9. THANK YOU RUNNING for getting me out the door on holidays to run and thank you Race Directors who sacrifice time with your families to put on great races for us runners!! THis si me and SIL on Turkey day last year! :)

10.) Thank you running for providing me with never ending possibilities for cool selfies. Garmin slefies, snow selfies, cool view selfies. Really, I could go on and on…

11.) Thank you running for saving me from sadness. I was sooo sad about my winter marathon being cancelled, and even though running was essentially the cause of my sadness, it also got me out of the funk.

12.) I love running because I get to share some of the MOST amazing moments with those closest to me. SILS first (but not last!) Boston!

13.) I love that I was able to meet one of my hero’s, Kathrine Switzer!


14.) I don’t really have a reason for putting this picture in here..It just cracks me up every time I look at it! So  I guess I love that running provides me with more funny situations than I could have ever imagined.

15. Thank you running for giving me a reason to form a gang…This is the Good Times Gang!! Don’t mess with us, we’ll “run” right over you!! (I crack myself up)

16.) I love that running has given me a deep love of Compression socks!!

Happy National Runner’s Week (yup, I made that up, just go with it), everybody!!

What are some silly things you discovered because of running??

Tuesday News-Day


Today is Tuesday, but I’m really starting to realize that I need at least 2 Saturdays in every week. Come Sunday nights, I just feel like there is soooo much stuff left that I want to do and I’m all “nooooo why is it over??” As I sat on my couch on Sunday and had a Jurassic Park marathon, I read some pretty cool stuff on the web that I wanted to share with you!


1.) Via Marathon: No Evidence “Marathon Dad” Cheated*:
(*edited after original post was published because title was worded incorrectly.)

(Photo credit: Runner’s world) 

 I’m sure you all have heard the story by now: Mike Rossi, Pennsylvania Dad, ran Boston this past April. He brought his kids along with him and upon returning them to school, received a letter that their 3 day absence wouldn’t be excused. Rossi posted about the educational value his kids received from this trip and the thread went viral- it seemed everyone was talking about this running dad- Even People magazine! From there, multiple threads popped up questioning Rossi’s qualifying time for the 2015 Boston Marathon. From Runner’s World:

 “Rossi, 47, of Rydal, Pennsylvania, finished the 2014 Via Marathon in 3:11:45, which qualified him to participate in the 2015 Boston Marathon. He completed the Boston Marathon in 4:01:42”

I’m glad he has been proven innocent, but there are a few things that I am wondering about: Other runners around him were photographed several times on the course, but Rossi had no pics. That’s odd. As a person who has run a ton of races, I know that I have had some races where I’ve been photographed only at the end of it and once along the course-but that hardly ever happens. His timing chip clocked him in only at the start and the finish, and if I read the article correctly-there weren’t any more mats along the route. 

Also, Rossi has apparently done a lot of races and his times are not consistent with his BQ time of 3:11…. If there is anyone who understands leaps in finishing times- it is me. My own times from even just 3 years ago don’t match my latest, faster times.  I remember how AMAZING it felt to BQ. I still get tears in my eyes when I think of how triumphant that moment was for me. I could write a whole book on crossing that finish line and I told anyone who had ears (and still do) about my 1st BQ moment. HOT DAMN, it was important to me. Anyway, this strikes a chord with me because Rossi trained really hard, BQ’d, yet didn’t really post anything about this GIGANTIC moment on his blog or other social media outlets….? How come?? I don’t know….I guess as someone who tried for YEARS and YEARS to get the BQ…. I don’t get not posting about it? But that’s just me. Maybe he didn’t want to seem like he was bragging? (Although I never felt like I was bragging?) 

I will say this: I did not read the multiple forums questioning his times..I had no desire to. My own halved marathon times have been snarled on before by trolls– so I respect that he most likely did complete the race and didn’t cheat. If he DID cheat-than shame on him (and karma is a b****). BUT, I would like to believe that he worked hard and all of that paid off for him with his  shiny 3:11 BQ/PR! 

2.) Meb Keflezighi sets 2 U.S. Records in Masters Debut.

(Photo Credit: Runner’s World) 

OF COURSE HE DID— HE IS THE AMAZING MEB!!!!!!!!! I love Meb!! Such a cool, humble, amazing dude. Someday-I am going to meet him. From Runner’s World:

“Keflezighi, who turned 40 on May 5, two weeks after finishing eighth in his Boston Marathon title defense, clocked 44:23 for 15K and 47:39 for 10 miles”

Holy moly that is FAST. I get excited when I hit 6:20 miles.. Meb’s warmup is probably 6:20 miles…Meb clocked 10 miles at a 4:46 pace, not to mention went on to complete the half in 1:02:29. I want to be Meb when I grow up!!!! 

3.) Save the best for last!! 92 year old Hariette Thompson completed the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon on Sunday and became the oldest woman to complete a marathon! harriettethompsonsandiego15
(Photo credit: runner’s World) 

 From Runner’s World:

“Harriette Thompson, 92, became the oldest woman to complete a marathon on Sunday when she finished the San Diego Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon in 7:24:36. She surpassed the record set by Gladys Burrill, who ran 9:53:16 at the 2010 Honolulu Marathon, 19 days after her 92nd birthday, when she was 74 days younger than Thompson is now.”

This lady is one hot ticket-and she has been through SO MUCH! In the past 2 years, she has battled cancer, dealt with the recent death of her husband (January) and awful leg wounds as a result of the chemo that she underwent. This tough chick has completed this race for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society 16 times since 1999- Missing only 2013 as she was battling cancer. Her son Brenny now accompanies her along the course. He makes sure that his momma is well protected, hydrated, and he fields off the constant requests for photographs. He tells them “Don’t stop her, just take a selfie”. Upon coming across the finish line, Harriette said the cheering was “like Lindbergh coming in after his flight” because of the people that greeted her at the finish line. She said that all you have to do is get to be 90 something and you’ll get the attention she has gotten! Harriette cracks me UP and has just become one of my running inspirations! I can see myself dancing across the finish line until I’m 100! 

Cheers to many, many more good running years Hariette, and you keep rocking on!

Any good running stories to share?