If I didn’t have bad luck I would have no luck?

What a weird week.

First of all…. I have to say I’m really sorry to all of my readers, and also, sorry to my fellow bloggers…I’m really having an “off” week this week. I have not really sat down at all to write or read blogs. UGH. I’m not liking that. Work has been exhausting. Sometimes I swear-NOT taking a vaca is actually easier than taking one. It’s crazy how much there is to do when you get back. Good thing I was well rested to take on the post vaca stress? Hmmmm….

So. My next race was cancelled/postponed: I am Two for two.


(Insert all the swear words here_____________)

I picked the Black Cat out around the same time I had signed up for Hyannis . It is was only two weeks post Hyannis…however, I knew I wanted another race to re-motivate myself towards keeping up my Boston mileage. Although I didn’t register for it until Hyannis was cancelled-in my brain I was always planning to run it. They postponed/cancelled it this Tuesday. Two for two within a week. I hate you, winter 2015.

SO, it was back to the drawing board.…this meant ANOTHER big discussion with my coach on my training, race schedule, future marathons etc…. please let this be the last change up for a while?! please and thank you.

Still, even though it seems things always have a way of working out, I’m sad! My husband says I’m being extremely dramatic and there isn’t any reason for me to get upset. In his words: “You run 500,000 races, and you’re probably going to run 500,000 more.” While All Of That is certainly true–> im just having a hard time getting/staying excited & motivated about running a different race. I was ALL fired up about Hyannis. And BAM! Cancelled. Then I decided to get excited (again!) over Black Cat. I know I should be more “just go with it” but come on now.. when the heck will these weather malfunctions be over? I don’t even have an end date in mind AND, at this point–> I’m seriously hoping there is no snow at Boston. For real, that is not a joke, I’m ACTUALLY worried about the giant snowpiles still being here towards the end of April.

What irks me THE MOST about cancelled races is that I’m still willing to spend MORE MONEY for another one! Yup: I’m mad at ME! As soon as a race is cancelled- I am immediately going into die hard research mode. Let’s be serious-At this point I know just about all of the area races by heart, anyway. YUP..I know where all the races are, and their dates…you could quiz me.. . My coach and I decided on a local half who’s original date had been changed from Feb 22 to March 15. Because it is ALWAYS the same day as Hyannis, I never run it because it means choosing, and i just love the Hyannis Marathon. I actually emailed the race director to ask if they have any forseeable plans on canceling … If I have ANOTHER race cancel on me, I’m going to lose my ****. Hopefully she doesn’t judge me too much because I put that in the email… #sorryimnotsorry. I will consider my emailing skillzzzz to be a step in the right direction...#imgettingsmarter

I am REALLY excited about my long run this weekend. It’s going to be HARD, but so, so worth it. This coach of mine is really working me hard and i like it. :)

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 5.54.03 PM

In other news of Things To Be Excited About… my benefit is on Saturday night..Its an amazing time with amazing people for an amazing cause! :) I think I will do a rare “Saturday post” with some Benefit Throwbacks over the past 8 years!

This weekend one of MY FAVORITES is running her third marathon…The Phoenix Marathon! Please join me in wishing her THE BEST DAMN RACE EVER!!!!!! XOXO Hugs and Kisses, Suz!

HAPPY WEEKEND !!!! Tell me something you’re looking forward to!!

Some notes on long runs outside & transitioning back to outdoor running from the Treadmill

I had wanted to include this in yesterday’s post since it is reflections on last weeks’ runs… However… If I did that, the post would’ve been wayyyy too long. So pretend you just finished reading about my mileage totals (Short recap: 47.9 miles/long run of 16 miles/4 days outside)

This winter is, without a doubt, the coldest one I can remember.  This year will be my 9th Boston Marathon. This means that I have trained through hundreds of cold, unpleasant days in order to get to Marathon Monday. I decided to compare my winter runs from last year to my winter runs from this year. I realized that the majority of last year’s long runs were done outside, in 25-35 degree weather, and that it was, overall, a heck of a lot more pleasant to run outside in that weather. It is no wonder I’m feeling like I’m getting seasonally depressed! I’ve spent more time indoors than I ever have before. Sure, there have been weeks at a time where I’m stuck inside, but usually I can get out for at least 2 runs a week.

Last week was my first week since.... actually…I have no idea since when, that I have been able to run outside MORE days than I have run INSIDE. That is actually pretty amazing. I had February vaca last week, so I was able to structure my runs around times when the roads were apt to be traffic free, along with being able told sleep a bit later (8:00 am!).

I think my body and my soul NEEDED that week of outside running! There were so many things I had forgotten about that go on when you are mainly running outside. Each run from last week is permanently etched in my brain. It’s funny how sacred something becomes to you once it’s returned. Just to be able to be outside made it into an awesome running week for me! Even though, YES. . . my goal marathon was cancelled. But, last week, I saw the beginnings of the transition back to outdoor running, and I began to break free of the shackles formed by spending three + months with my treadmill.

Some notes for you!

First….Some long run notes.
My 16 miler on Saturday was my first outside long run (over 10-11 miles) in a while. Over the past month- month and a half, I’ve had to either split my run up with some outside/some inside, or just treadmill-ed all of it. Yes, mentally, it has made me a much stronger runner…But there really is nothing like the feel of accomplishing a really hard, long run with your own two feet hitting the roads/trails. That sense of accomplishment- I live for that!

Things I noticed…
-Fuel. I noticed that I was hungrier/thirstier MUCH more quickly than I would be on a treadmill run. I was also using a different fuel than I normally do : Honey Stinger (I usually use GU). I’m not sure if this is why I was so hungry?

-Wind. Saturday was extremely windy, and for a while now, thats not really an element my body has been exposed to lately during long runs. I don’t know if the wind made me feel like I needed more fuel? But I thought it was worth mentioning to you so that you can make a mental note of that for your future long runs/races! When you are only running on a treadmill-you have zero wind resistance. Research has shown that setting your treadmill at a 1% incline helps simulate the outside environment. And while I DO set my treadmill, always, at a 1% incline, I have to say there is nothing like battling wind in the actual outdoors. In my own mind-> there is nothing my treadmill can do that will make me feel like I am running through 20 mph winds…

-Exhaustion/soreness. Since my original long plan had been to do 17-20 miles, I planned to hop on treadmill for another 2-3 miles. 16 miles is usually nothing for me. It certainly has never left me feeling achy or exhausted. Right when I walked through my front door- it was clear that there weren’t going to be any more miles for me that day. My body felt SO tired and beaten up from being in the elements. But, being the trooper stubborn pigheaded runner I am, I forced myself down to the basement, and onto the treadmill. Two steps in–muscles were hurting that NEVER hurt. I quit right then and there and opted to do more stretching than running. The way I feel after a 16 miler on the treadmill is completely different than how I feel after an outside run. Also, I think its important to note that my body isn’t used to multiple days outside yet. I know  if I had been running outside every single day, that I probably would have felt stronger at the end of my run.  My body has to adjust back to different terrains, and wind. Transitioning back to pavement will take time, and apparently, leaves me more stiff and sore than what I am used to!

-Running outside vs inside. I have always had a little lag in paces when I return back to outdoor running from indoor running. The temperatures/ air/ pavement-its a tough transition. I have to say i’m really happy with how it is going so far. I’m pretty proud of myself for being able to nail certain hills at certain paces. It’s weird how I’m sore in different areas though…The treadmill makes my lower back hurt. But with outdoor running, my calves are sore. I know my stride is different on the roads. Its longer outside, but it also has to change depending on the inclines and the declines. When I come home from outdoor running, I feel more of an “all over” body/ muscle soreness. Even when I include steeper inclines– running on the treadmill is a different kind of sore.

Anyway. I wanted to make sure I told you all about these things because like me, alot of you have spent a ton of time inside this winter because DUH, you have to because its been the Snowpocalyse, or perhaps you feel like Antarctica has become your home lately. I noticed these changes in my body last week and thought I would pass them on to you to remember that when you start transitioning to outside running, these things can happen to you too and its important to keep them in mind. If you run solely on your treadmill, your body isn’t getting any exposure to natural things that you can’t plan for via the treadmill. And you know what they say: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just soft people.” I don’t necessarily think that’s true about ALL types of weather (like a blizzard it a hurricane), but most weather situations are only going to strengthen your running and help you adapt to any situation.

SO in short: I hate wind, but it makes me stronger. I like to experiment with different fuels, maybe Honey Stinger is not the one for me and I should stick with GU. Transitioning back to running outside makes me feel more tired/sore! It is awesome to know that I am able to handle paces outside that I have been forced to hold only on the dreadmill!

Some pics for you:

Boston’s elevation:

I found this comparison chart of the five world major marathons to be fascinating!

Some Do’s And Don’t’s for Boston … (its the same as last year)


Yoga Pants, and cool new sweatshirts are really my favorite thing in the world right now…I am obsessed with this wrap sweatshirt!
When you find your favorite wine has a NEW limited release–> YOu must buy at least 2 bottles! (and plan to go and stock up on more cause this one is yummy!


Do you notice changes in your running when you start to transition back outside?

Mileage recap 2/16-2/22

Happy Monday! (sort of!) I know its Monday….and Mondays are DUMB. However, we are THAT MUCH closer to:
-Turning the clocks ahead.
-THe Boston Marathon!

Monday-OFF. Family day in celebration of my awesome father in laws bday! Lots of food & laughs!

Tuesday- 6.85 hilly miles outside in the cold, 7:15 avg pace

Wednesday- 11 mile workout. Even though the weather was decent, I wanted to make sure I hit my paces on the nose, so i chose to do it on the mill. 3×2 mile repeats. 7:28 avg pace.

Thursday-7 hilly miles, 54:21 7:45 avg pace.

Friday-OFF. Lunch with Memere, Sissy, & my mom! :)

Saturday- Long run! The original plan had been to run 17-20. I had to change up my favorite long run route because the snow hasn’t melted (at all) yet. You have to be quite crafty with the narrow roads, and I had to devise a unique route for myself ahead of time.

This is how you know your body is adjusting to winter running… You see that the temp for the start of your run is only 14 and you aren’t even bothered by it. In fact, you’re actually pretty excited about it because its not negative temperatures….

IMG_5029I’m pretty happy with my overall splits for my long run. I wish I could have picked back up the pace at mile 11, but the wind had started and was blowing me back like crazy-To keep a low 8 pace was SO challenging..But wind is like cross training, right? (i hate wind.)

Sunday dawned SUNNY. AND 38. AND Did I tell you yet that it was SUNNY??? I threw the idea of a rest day right out the window because i could RUN IN MY SKIRT. I am a Skirt Sports Ambassador and have received SO many amazing new skirts/capris in the mail and I haven’t been able to wear them outside yet because it’s been CRAZY cold. I couldn’t let this opportunity pass by! :) The skirt here is the “Lionness“. (To save 20% on this beauty, us coupon code “SSGWR20″ at checkout.)

(Stay tuned for later this week for more on Skirt-Sports Amazing-ness. You will thank me)IMG_5046

After living in Alaska-Chusetts for the past 2 months…this felt heavenly. Pre-run, I sent my girlfriends a pic of me running in my skirt and my Wifey told me “You are going to get frostbite on your ******” (Use your imagination for that one!) After running in temps <20 for two months…38 was definitely a heat wave-a skirt was NECESSARY! I think that I had a smile on my face the WHOLE entire run due to warm (ish!) weather!

The fact that I can see my shadow in this picture made me VERY VERY happy!! Spring is coming!

47.9 miles for the week/ 7:42 avg pace/6:09:23 spent running

I will be back tomorrow with some tips/observations for you on things I noticed from my long run this week vs long runs on the treadmill, and transitioning back to outdoor running from treadmill running!

Tell me about your runs last week! If you live in the cold areas, could you get outside at all??

Friday Randomness: Life lessons, some workouts, and some things that make me smile REALLY BIG.

This winter, I’ve learned quite a bit about roofs, ice dams, icicles, and insulation. So much so that you could quiz me on it. Our winter is now SO BAD that there are now plenty of “teachable moments” with the snow. Oh man.. I never thought I would write that sentence!

I am going to teach you some of my new found knowledge, if only for your OWN snow situations!
-roofs are not built to sustain the kind of snow we have gotten. If you do not clear off your roof-you will, without a doubt, have water damage.

-clear the ice dams from your gutters. If you do not, you are likely to have lots of big leaks in your ceilings. Ceiling leaks require fixing, which requires money, which leads to weekend/vacation time spent fixing leaks and you know what the bottom line on that is? You will not have as much time to RUN.. OR as much MONEY to spend on sneakers, money, races…etc!!!) (Everything can boil down to that, doesn’t it?)

-you can tell how good the insulation is in a house from the icicles on the roof. Really ridiculously large icicles mean that that roof does not have good insulation. During every outside run I have had this week-ALL I have stared at are people’s roofs. (If I run by your house, I swear I was NOT looking in your window, just at your roof!) There is really not a whole lot to look at that isn’t the color white (snow) or brown/gray (dirty snow). My own house does not have the great insulation so my husband is pretty great at doing the roof raking and gutter ice dam removal stuff–> I wish i had taken a picture of HOW HUGE our icicles were but alas, i forgot, and now he is just so great at knocking them all down and there are none left!

-Snow removal from your roof and gutters is a HUGE business right now! How big? $100 an hour big. Get Yo self to the HD and buy a roof rake. This is $100+ less you will have to spend on All Things For Your Running.

I have to confess that I have learned all of these things from my husband, the snow shoveling- snow blowing- roof raking extraordinaire. He is quite the handy man and an actual jack of all trades. This winter, he has been amazing. He has helped out EVERYONE with their shoveling and snow blowing and roof raking. On monday— he travelled around our little town to his various family member’s houses to rake their roofs so water damage wouldn’t happen. WHAT A GUY. #ihitthejackpot

Anyway. I don’t really know why I started this post this way? I Happened to be driving with my hubs to My Favorite Grocery Store and I was playing the “who’s roof has good insulation game” (its not really exciting-but that just goes to show you HOW LITTLE THERE IS DO WHEN YOU LIVE IN ALASKA…aka Massachusetts) that I seem to lately be playing and was also making mental notes for Friday’s post…so VOILA(?) Here is your roof knowledge. #YOUREWELCOME.

What is my favorite grocery store?
TJs. Although, I do think its overpriced..But I know my belly will be VERY HAPPY. (i’ve never been to Wegmans OR to Whole Foods, so please keep that in mind)

I’ve also had some pretty great runs this week. Tuesday’s run was outside, and it was amazing. Wednesday, my coach had me do a hard workout (this wasn’t my original workout..she changed up my plan after Hyannis was cancelled) 3×2 mile workouts with 800s jogs in between, goal pace for the repeats to be 6:50-7:00. At first I thought “why so slow?” because she normally has me cranking at a 6:25-6:40 pace. HAHA. Once I started I knew why…because it was THREE HARD SESSIONS of 2 mile repeats…Thats why the paces were a little easier! I wanted to die a little bit, but in the end, I was REALLY happy they were done and that I could nail those paces. 11 miles total, 1st set of repeats at an avg of 6:56, 2nd @ 6:54, 3rd @ 6:51. HARD.

Thursday, I set out for an easy run that started off GREAT. Halfway through, I almost turned around and went home because it suddenly started snowing and I could barely see out my eyeballs. Not fun. But I kept going because I couldn’t stand the thought of getting on the treadmill. It was one of those days where, if I had gotten onto the treamill, I knew it would have been filled with a lot of start/stop/texting/bathroom breaks…you get the picture. Its great to get outside and find that my legs were quicker than if I had been running with a motor and belt underfoot set to a certain speed.

.I am smiling hugely as I write this: My SIL has a friend, Michelle, who is probably the nicest human being EVER. I posted a pic of this about a month ago, but to recap: Michelle saw these two beauties at a marathon expo and she bought one for both me and SIL. She does not know me, but she bought me this beautiful shirt becuase she knew how much my BQ meant to me. . . I hadn’t seen SIL in a few weeks (we are busy people!) and she brought this over to me on Monday…Michelle even wrote me out an incredible card to go with the shirt(that made me cry!). I’m so touched! I wore it for my workout on Wednesday (because I was inside!) It’s SO CUTE and comfy and stayed dry even though I had sweat pouring down my face. I LOVE THIS SHIRT!!!


Happy Friday Everybody!

What makes you smile big?

TJ’s: love it? Never been there? Favorites…do share!
-Cookie butter. It’s SOOOO hard to stay away from it because it actually IS the crack of snack foods.

You guys are the best.

Thank you everyone for your amazing comments and support. It has made this difficult and unsettling time a heck of a lot better! I’m still a little sad. Which is weird because I am truly NOT at ALL a sad person. In every situation, I am able to find a silver lining and quickly move forward and refocus. I’m not a “dweller” and I never have been. I like to think of what is happening now, and of course, the future. Onwards and upwards…never backwards.
IMG_4969(this is a picture of the city right now. Yikes.)

A lot of people have said to me that at least now I can focus on my spring race, Boston. Which IS actually, in fact, true. However. The thing with Boston is that for the past 8 years? I have not run it FOR ME. I run it for Children’s Hospital. I run it for my adorable, sweet patient partner, Everett. My times get affected for Boston. I stop to hug kids along the way. Every Children’s Hospital mile stop- I break to give some high fives, get a popsicle or candy. During the Boston Marathon, the past 7 years (and soon to be 8) have meant that I run for a cause bigger than ME. And I have always been 100% okay with that, and still am.

Two years ago, I decided to run Hyannis as a winter marathon, and knew I would be running Boston in April. I knew I would be tough to basically train back to back for marathons. I also really didn’t care. I wanted to hit a new PR at Hyannis, and then i did it. This year, I wanted to revisit the Hyannis course, and take a NEW PR for myself. Not just a “course PR”, but a NEW MARATHON PR: 3:08.

My current marathon PR is 3:28. I realize 20 minutes sounds like a large jump. At the risk of sounding like a crazy person–> here is my reasoning for shooting for that goal:
-I was solidly trained for a 3:18 marathon in October 2014.
– I didn’t reach that goal because of a couple random things (not having my hydration pack with me and a ridiculous headwind).

In my mind, this meant I only had to shave 10 minutes off of my time. (NO JUDGING on my crazy thinking, PLEASE) The thing is that i worked sooooo hard for it. Honestly? I’ve been working on my new goal since my BQ back in October. Nearly all of my workouts center around my goals. I just don’t like to slow down and i certainly do NOT like to quit. Telling me “NO” or “you’ll never be able to do that” means that you should drive to Foxwoods or Vegas and bet on me doing the EXACT OPPOSITE of whatever you just said—> I don’t like those phrases and have proved naysayers to be wrong many times in the past. I was going into Hyannis with the winning attitude and wanted to place, high, within the top three finishers. I can’t even sugar coat my disappointment.


And you know there is ALWAYS a “but” in these types of posts and conversations.

I am healthy.
I am not injured.
I have my legs (both of them!)
I am able to run, every day.
I have the ability to undertrain and overtrain (if you can’t run right now than obviously you can appreciate that sentence)
I can still continue to be bad ass in my training.

It’s not like I have to “give up” running because I can’t run my marathon this weekend..





YES. I die hard trained for this full marathon.
But, i can’t say that all those 20 mile runs feel like a waste because MAN i LOVE 20 mile runs…. I’m such a weirdo.
I know maybe some of you are wondering why I don’t just pick another race? But I would like to just tell you right now that I have LESS THAN ZERO % desire to travel and run a race on a course I have no experience on. I wanted to run a race on a course that i had a ton of experience on. I don’t want to fly to participate in a race (someday, maybe i will travel by plane for a race!). I can’t miss more time from work ( 8 snow days& counting). This race was my race and now my race is no longer. It is what it is.

So on Tuesday, I sat on my couch for a while all day . I may or may not have eaten a ton of candy. (no judging!). By 3 pm, I had had enough of my wallowing-ness. I felt YUCKY. What better to solve the YUCKY-NESS feeling for a RUNNER than to GO FOR A RUN? There is nothing better, its true. I laced up and hit those snowy streets and ended up having one of the best runs. It should have felt like “A LOT” of effort for this really hilly run…But it didn’t. Every mile felt easy and that is a true mark of how hard I have been working.
Garmin satellites were wonky-6.85 miles/7:15 avg pace.

This run helped to put my mind into a better perspective. As with life, running is all about perspective, decisions, and the choices we all make.

I CHOOSE to be a runner. 

I CHOOSE to run.

I CHOOSE to race.

But most importantly of all: I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY. Running and racing make me happy. I’m going to keep doing what makes me happy…even if I have to wait a while longer for my next PR race. I’m not worried because everything happens for a reason. And only time will tell me what the heck that reason is.

I will be back for you, Hyannis. And not only will I be winning you next year… I will be teaching you a lesson by setting on you a new course record. TAKE THAT, Winter 2015!

What makes you happy?

How do you spin a bad thing into a positive?

Well that’s that.

Please excuse me while I continue to cry into my breakfast smoothie.

This news came through late last night…followed up with bonus news that there also aren’t refunds (things have been bought/contracts made) I’m living the snowpocalypse so I get it, I do, I’m just….sad. So this is my moment to whine and cry (I am actually crying like a little kid over here) and waa-waaah-waaahhhh all I want because I’ve been working so goddammotherfeaKinghard on this goal of mine and I’m allowed to be sad and mad and pissed and cranky and want to throw things (I didn’t. Yet.) It feels like something has been stolen from me and I’m really sad about it. I know me, and I know I will take this, spin it positively, and move on. But that day is not today, because today is for wallowing.

Ever had a race get cancelled on you before?
Nope, definitely a first.

Snowpocalypse training update!

Otherwise known as Feb 9-15. But really? It’s the snowpocalypse. Another 12-16 inches hit us up in MA Saturday night into Sunday. It was a whole lot of fun being snowed in! Oh, wait, no, no it was NOT because this has now become a twice-weekly occurrence. I really love the color white…but I could do without it from now until…Forever? Until the snow melts? Until I defrost from the deep freeze? Yeah…You get the picture..

We unexpectedly had a couple of extra visitors on Saturday night in the form of my favorite niece and nephew! (They’re my only ones…but I”m pretty biased because they rock!) It was so great that these three could hang and play together the whole weekend!

Mileage totals for the week..
Tuesday. Easy run, 7 miles total, 7:43 average pace. I did a couple miles of easy intervals on this run. I would flip flop between my easy pace of 7.6 to a range of 8.2-8.5. I did this for 1 minute intervals for a couple of the miles because i get BORED!

Wednesday: ZERO. I was supposed to do my workout on this day. I just was NOT feeling it. I came home from work with a belly ache, and since I’m in taper mode, I didn’t force the issue like I normally would.

Thursday. 6 miles, 47:13, 7:52 avg pace. Still not feeling a workout so I did 6 easy miles on the mill while watching Nashville. This show is my guilty pleasure!!

Friday. 8 miles, 2 mile w/u, 3 x 1 mile repeats with 800s jogs in betweem, 2 mile cooldown. Mile repeats at 6:35 pace. 59:02, 7:23 avg pace. I actually got UP EARLY and ran before work! Man that feels good when I do that! I walk around all day feeling like I have a secret superpower because the hardest part of my day is already done before 6 am!! :) The only thing that makes it tough is that I have to get up at 4:30, so I’m pretty exhausted by the time I get home from work. Although, Having had one day of morning running back in my life makes me VERY excited for April-October when I will be able to commit to it once again! :)

Saturday. 10.64 miles, last double digit run before Hyannis. 1:24:51, 7:58 avg pace.
It was pretty cold out Saturday. I haven’t run outside in about 3 weeks so I made myself get all bundled up and get out there! I did not care that it was cold. I did not care that my face was a little numb. I did not care that I had on 3 layers and felt like a pink marshmallow, or that my hair was so snarly that it took me 20 minutes of solid combing to get out those tangles. I was ecstatic that I was able to get outside!!
Hair snarles and cold temps= still one happy runner!

We got another blizzard Saturday night. (If you are keeping score, this was number 4 in a three and a half week span) Two more big storms are predicted for this week. I think its safe to say that the Grocery stores, liquor stores, and plow men are making money hand over fist this winter. It is unbelievable.


For all of you warm weather peeps, or even those who haven’t gotten hit like us…This pic is a frame of reference for you. Please notice the firepit furniture in the back lefthand corner. That pic was taken Jan 24th while a smaller storm was starting to fall. The bottom picture was taken this morning…You can only see the tops of the chairs now…everything is completely buried under!

Sunday. 5.40 miles, 41:19, 7:39 avg pace. A morning baby shower to celebrate one of my good friends, M! I wish I had taken a single picture but I did not! Five treadmill miles later on at night because my little buddy was under the weather. That meant afternoon snuggles and naps.
37 miles for the week, 7:43 avg pace for the week.

One of my best friends, B, continues to send me these lovely pics on the reg..Love her!

And now I am off to deal with ice dams, leaky things, and cooking up a storm for family night later on tonight! OH, and continuously stalk the Hyannis Marathon homepage. The running gods are hopefully smiling down on me…..

Happy Monday everybody!

What was your favorite run of the week?

One sentence per a pic Sunday!

A good hair day needs a party! IMG_4894

Wifey and I!


Strawberry Jalapeño Margarita…yum!!!


Heart shaped cookies!!


These two❤️: cousin love!


Leggings ARE real people clothes…now I wait for them to be considered “work appropriate”


Last double digits before Hyannis!


My husband is the best!!!!


Last but not least….
Will it or won’t it???????


Please, please send me all your warm thoughts….a cancellation just cannot happen!!

What’s your sentence today?

The Friday Bla bla bla’s.

I really don’t have a heck of a lot to tell you all today! It felt weird not to do a Friday post though, so I had to type a quick little something up!

As you read this–I have hopefully already done a run on my treadmill prior to going into work…Fridays are typically the day I take off because Saturdays are my long run days! This week, since I’m in taper mode, it’s way less mileage than usual. Due to feeling a bit under the weather, I haven’t run much this week….only 2 days-and only 13 miles. Ick. I’m going to get up BEFORE work on Friday and finally do the workout I’ve been putting off since Wednesday.. No excuses! (yes, feel free to call me out on it!) My coach has me doing some mile repeats and MAN that makes me miss my track even more than usual! Mile repeats are way more fun on the track!

flashback Friday to my last track workout before Baystate 2014!

I feel more like I’m “going through the motions” with running right now. (RE: all of you who opt to NOT do a spring marathon and NOT train during winter…you are winning!)I’m SO SO excited for my marathon next weekend…but I’m also SO SO over running indoors. It. Is. Killing. Me. I cannot remember my last outdoor run. My Garmin is so sad! I swear I hear it’s little garmin-y beeps beeping out a morse code 1-4-3 in my sleep (who remembers what that means, beeper people!!) telling me it needs me to wear it! I hope I can get outside Saturday before it starts to blizzard…again…


I know I should feel grateful for the gifts I’ve been blessed with and take advantage of all I have developed.. but this is what I’m actually thinking right now: “Bla bla bla bla bla”. I can’t help the overwhelming urge I have to punch Mother Nature in her face. (were you perhaps just thinking this would be a post where I wouldn’t complain about the weather? Oh, you….you’re silly. Of course I’m going to complain about the weather…just grin and bear it from now until March 21, Please and Thank You.) I’m SO Over snow & the bone chilling temps that are accompanying it! (man I’m being dramatic & whiny right now, I know!) It seems to snow EVERY DAY.

(this is my annoyed/exasperated with the snow face. You’re welcome.)

The meme below has kind of been my theme of the week…flying monkeys almost came out a few times…


Ok. So now I leave you with my funny faced expressions and complaints. Hopefully you still like me after all of the belly aching I have done lately! Now it’s Your turn…. please tell me your winter motivations because goodness knows I have complained enough about my lack of it over here. Give Me your survival skills!

and also..who remembers what 1-4-3 meant on a beeper?!

happy weekend!

Coaching Stuff & Randomness

The first thing any of my friends and family said to me after I told them “I hired a running coach” was “Why? Can’t you just BE a running coach?” and while, YES, becoming a running coach is actually a dream of mine, having a running coach is a completely new experience for me. I’ve never had one  before so this journey will be a brand new experience!

Why hire a coach?
Although I’ve had access to coaches via the charity teams I’ve run/am running for…it’s not the same as having your own personal coach. That was what I have been looking for: more of a 1 on 1 relationship between myself and my coach. In the past, I typically follow training plans designed by runners world via their “smartcoach” tool. These plans are terrific. However, I’ve been using them for years now, and I’m at the point where I need a change. I have a lot of really big giant goals for 2015 & 2016. REALLY BIG. I haven’t talked about them with very many people- Probably my husband, SIL, running partner, and now my new coach. It gets me really excited that my coach is ready to work so dilligently with me to make them happen. I felt like I was ready for a “PUSH” in the “working harder” department. You all know by now that I never back down from a challenge! I have definitely set up a few big ones for myself in the near future!

I also decided to hire a running coach because I really like reporting back to someone on progress and struggles. My coach gives me great feedback, and I love the interactive spreadsheet that we use together to track my progress. And as good as I am at creating workouts for myself and my other runner friends, I like having someone else create them for me, too! It’s fun to be challenged and some of the workouts I’ve done so far are not things I would have thought of myself.

Who I chose.
I did a bunch of research on a bunch of people close in proximity to me. Meh. I was offered free coaching by a few different coaches. Meh. I read running books with running plans in them. Meh. I kept circling back to this one blogger that I have followed since she first started her blog last year. Lauren Floris, a certified bad-ass runner.

Why did I choose this coach.
There were a few things I considered when I was picking my coach. I liked the idea of someone who was local. Lauren is not that far away from me (probably an 60-80 minutes) and I really like that. I love her work ethic: Lauren is as hard of a worker as I am when it comes to running. THAT was really important to me! I would never choose a coach whom I didn’t feel inspired by. She is on the up-and-up with her running, just like I am. I also really like that she is faster than me. Maybe that sounds strange, but it’s true- I really like that I have a coach who can give me pointers on how to be as fast as her. Because these big goals of mine aren’t easy and they are going to continue to take a bunch of hard work!

And now for some randomness….
Monday & Tuesday were, once again, snow days. That meant a LOT of shoveling and a LOT of relaxing. There were also so. many. snacks. I need routine back in my life in the WORST way. It turns out that weeks of 4-5 day weekends aren’t as fun in the winter as summer vacation is June – August. Because NO ONE wants to go outside when its a blizzard and a wind chill of -15. YUCK. Anyway. Day #8 of Snow Day Vaca left me SUPER bored. So i crafted a little bit!

I figure that I will wear it during my race next weekend!

And speaking of next weekend…I know a bunch of people who are doing the Hyannis marathon..This is the 12 day forecast…
Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 10.39.59 AM
Just remember, it could change at ANY time!

Happy Hump Day, everybody!

Anybody ever hire a coach or thought about it? What would your reasons be/were your reasons behind it?

Anybody have more snow days than me yet?.. I will be in school until July…