THIS is my fourth Friday back to work. Some random thoughts so far:
-it’s exhausting being on your feet all day
-I really wish I could be barefoot. Like every day.
-sometimes I wear boots with my dresses just so I can hide my compression socks. Hehe.
-I really miss my routine the morning of running/breakfast/second breakfast/laying out in the sunshine/Reading good books… The only thing I have read since I went back to work is blogs which I’m fine with because I love reading blogs. I just wish there were two of me to read the great books and the great blogs. And maybe second me could do a little more blogging too. Anybody know how to clone?

THIS is my new scarf!!!! I haven’t even worn it yet but I’m so obsessed with it. I love all things anchors/navy blue/red. Sooooo perfect!!!!! I got one for my SIL too and. Can’t wait to Be Twinning with my BFF!!!! IMG_3484.JPG

THIS weekend I really have to clean my house. I’m seriously slacking. Maybe second me can do all the things I don’t have time to do : clean, cook, laundry, dust, vacuum… Or I could pay someone. Hmmm. I don’t think my husband would love that idea. But we’ll see.

THIS is my new song favorite of the week:

THIS happened this week too.

Not on the same day, duh… but I did crack the two of these at different points this week because I have been dyyyyinnng to try the new Apothic. Survey says: The original is best!

THIS is my current dilemma. If you could call it that. Maybe we should call it a decision instead. Yes a “decision”: Way back in July, I registered to run a September half marathon. Funny how time creeps up on you because this half marathon is tomorrow!!! Although I really am in the best shape of my life and I think this could really be a PR shot for me, I am pretty freaking tired .
The race is a little more than an hour away from me and it starts at 7 AM. The whiny bitch brat in me wants to sleep in and run a 20 miler around my house-Along the course for my next marathon (Baystate)

I know… I know… That is literally the worst excuse ever not to do a race (esp one that you have already paid for). I truly can’t make up my mind and I have been debating for about a week and a half now on what to do.

Let’s look at the pros and cons shall we?

-it’s a Saturday half marathon. I love Saturday races. I don’t like taking a day off during the weekend from running. And the Sunday race means I have to take Saturday off in order to be at peak potential for Sunday. I picked this race specifically because it was a Saturday.
-I have been running speed work sessions like it’s my job. 800s, 400s, tempos, mile repeats– I own them.
-I love to race.
-this weekend is actually the most perfect weekend I could do a half since next weekend is my last long run before I begin to taper.

-I have to get up really early and I have to leave my house by 5 AM.. The whiny girl in me does NOT like this and she wants to sleep in. (((wahhh, poor little marathon girl)))
-running along my marathon course could really benefit me… Although I am also doing my last long run on the course next weekend. Decisions decisions. If only all decisions were THIS easy!!!

Okay so there’s definitely more pros than cons, but let’s take a vote…
do you vote:

-yes to running the half! Stop being a NEGATIVE NANCY and just DO IT already.

-NO, you Silly girl… sleep in and go run a 20 along your marathon course!

Tell me something random, and please by all means vote!

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Reasons why I Love being in marathon training!

1.) Because I love to set goals. “GOALS” might as well be my middle name because I just love to set and accomplish them.

2.) Because I love dreaming of a new PR. Sometimes I get the “new PR” image in my head when I am running. It makes me very very excited to think of getting a new pr, and to BQ.

3.) Because it gives me something to work towards. I love the motivation I get during marathon training. It’s not just “ get up and run”, its “Get up, kick BUTT, and GET FASTER.”

4.) Because it keeps me motivated during crazy weather: Heat, humidity…none of it matters when I’m in marathon training. Summer isn’t so bad-I’m always motivated in the nice weather. But winter is coming and this will mean lots of training runs that I just do NOT want to do. Having a goal to work towards makes sweating freezinglike crazy and feeling like my head is going to pop off freezetotally worth it.

5.) Because it keeps me disciplined. Earlier bedtimes, early starts, the diet stays in check. I don’t blow off runs during marathon training. (well I don’t really do that ever, I’m pretty good.) But I guess I stay “extra” in line during marathon training.

6.) Because otherwise, I would procrastinate on a Saturday and even maybe delay my long run until Sunday. That only cuts the time down that I spend with Greg, and that makes me sad when that happens!

7.) Because I’m training for a FALL marathon and FALL is the best racing season. The weather is cooler, and I’ve just trained ridiculously hard over the summertime. I much prefer training throughout the summer for a fall marathon than training in the winter for a spring one. There is not a lot to like about winter running. Not a lot at all. (Maybe for you there is, but I have ice/freezing cold temps/snow…blech)

8.) Because I love to race. I get soooooo excited to race. I’m already having BQ dreams of when I cross the finish line. Oddly enough, I haven’t had any nightmares yet. Usually, I have the odd nightmare of being late/running the wrong way/sleeping in late by mistake/wardrobe malfunctions…NONE of these bad dreams have happened to me…maybe because I’ve been running like crazy??


Sometimes all of these reasons can feel more like a burden than a blessing. When it does happen (and that is inevitable because marathon training is a LOT to deal with), I try to refocus on my goal. I ask myself WHY I am doing this. If my answer is still “TO BQ!” then I get all happy again since I know all the training and the work will be worthwhile.
BUT: if my answer ever changes from something positive and into a negative…then I would know its time to stop and re-asses my “WHY”.

My last reason is my MOST favorite/important reason…

9. Because I feel like THIS training season is turning my dreams into reality. that isn’t always the case. But right now, I can’t imagine a more efficient season for me than this one!!

Why do you love being in marathon training??

Mileage Recap & a Question

You might have gotten this post last night…wordpress is playing tricks on me and posting when it shouldn’t be!

This week was a little bizarre for me running-wise anyway.

Monday 1.52 warmup 8:23 avg pace, 5.25 miles of 800s 35:01, 6:40 avg pace, cooldown run back home for 1.50 miles-8:08 pace. 8.27 miles total.
I hit the track last Monday because, well, quite frankly, I’m becoming obsessed with it. I love how hard it is. I love how it makes me stronger. And quite frankly…I freaking LOVE running that fast. Before this year, I hadn’t done any 800s outside-I always did them on a treadmill because I didn’t think I could make my body go that fast. Well guess who was wrong? ME. Doing a track workout outside tests your own speed with no resistance, and I actually found it easier than doing it on a treadmill, and I was also faster than I thought I would be.

Tuesday: Off.

Wednesday : 18.10 Mile Long Run-2:41:09, 8:54 pace
I had to switch around my long run and do it during the week because I didn’t want to have to tackle it during a weekend away. It doesn’t seem like any fun to be out dancing all night and then run 18-20 the next morning. No, no. I had the most time after school on Wednesday so I planned it for then.

There are so many things to tell you about this run so I will bullet point it (Because bullet points are fun!)
-I was tired. This run was my third within 10 days. Each of those long runs was done during a separate training week, but nonetheless—Still done only 10 days apart. It was a lot.
-Yeah, I could’ve skipped the long run but I really didn’t want to.
-I needed new shoes and I could feel every part of my legs ALL run long. I still am planning on doing my marathon in my Pureflows, but knowing that I have been doing so many long runs lately made me feel like I needed more “cushion” to cover all those miles, so I’ve been wearing my Ghost 7’s for my long runs lately.
-I started off at a pretty great clip- 8:30 pace or better, but my body couldn’t keep up and the second half averaged out into some low 9 minute miles.
-I didn’t mind that this run was bad. I did it. I’ll do another. I have had a ton of great long runs this training cycle-one bad one doesn’t hurt my confidence or make me feel like I failed.
-Two days after my long run, my aaaaaahmayzing husband bought me new long run sneaks..What a guy:)

New Ghosts make for a very happy girl who runs everywhere.

Thursday 8.47 miles, 8:18 avg pace.
A nice easy recovery run from Wednesday that quite frankly was faster than I thought it would be because I was tired from standing on my feet all day/work/a long run/life.

Friday OFF.

Saturday: 10.10 miles, 1:28, 29, 8:46 avg pace.
Wore my new Ghosts and they felt amazing!!!!
I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed to go for a morning run along the coastline. I knew that running in a new area would make me a tad slower (so I wouldn’t get lost and would still remember where I was going). I love going running in a new area when I’m away with my friends. Honestly they totally expect it by now and that little bit of time that I set off to run means I’m also exploring amazing options for us. I figured out like 10 different stores we needed to go to, scenery we needed to check out, and even good spots for us to park. It was awesome!! I was happy with that pace and didn’t feel like I should have been going any faster or slower!

Sunday: 10.10 miles, 1:18, 7:43 pace.
Wore the new Ghosts again….I’m over the moon for them!!
After my run on Saturday, we walked around shopping for a million hours downtown. After that, we went dancing. We were out all night. There was plenty of martini’s, pizza, wine, and chips involved so I am literally shocked at this pace on Sunday because I had nooooo business being able to run this immediately following that kind of night. I had wanted to do a tempo run on Sunday, but in theory, I didn’t think it was going to be possible. Who dances in high heels for 3 hours and gets up to bang outa tempo run? I don’t get it, but I will take it. It was easily my “favorite run of the week” because it surprised me with its easy-ness. I was able to hold my goal marathon pace for middle tempo miles and it felt challenging but the good kind of hard. PLUS, it again was done along a stunning coastline and that is just my new favorite thing. I might have to tell my husband we are moving because I can’t even get over the scenery.
Seriously, imagine this for your runs every day?? Heaven.

Anyway, I have a question for all you marathoners… My marathon is October 19th (five weeks from Sunday!) and I’m wondering how many weeks before your marathons that you start your taper? I’m thinking my last long run is actually going to be a 22 miler along the marathon course, and it’s going to be September 27th. That puts me three weeks out from the marathon. In the past, I have stuck to about the same thing-last 20-22 mile run three weeks out and then start to taper (yucky). Anybody out there do your last long run only 2 weeks before your marathon? I’m really just curious if it has benefitted you during your actual marathon, or ended up slowing you down! (I’m planning on a 15-16 miler on 2 weekends beforehand, maybe 10 the weekend before)

Also: What was your favorite run of the week?

A trip to the beach!

I’ve been absent the last few days because I was celebrating my best friends upcoming wedding eith her bachelorette party!! I Finally made it to the beach this summer! We ended up in Provincetown, MA. It was absolutely perfect. End of summer meant less people and more fun to be had for us!
We had the Best weekend and it was the most perfect way to celebrate our soon to be bride:)

This is she and I…(Wifey) Isn’t she so lovely?


This is Wifey and B Fab:


Scenes from my Gorgeous Saturday morning run:





Bachelorette weekends mean cute outfits…

…green smoothie-ing for the win..

Love these Girls❤️

We walked SOOOO MUCH that we decided to take these little bike men up on their offer to bike us back to our car :)







Ready to go out!!

Hanging out with the star of the show




And I don’t know how I pulled this off after a crazy night with All the Martinis And All The Pizza!!


I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, I’ll be back tomorrow
With a weekly mileage recap!

Things I bring with me when running& new faves

There are times when I leave the house lighter than usual, but it doesn’t make me feel very comfortable. The question of “What do you bring with you when you go running ” is something I get asked lots, so I thought I’d share with you the whatnots and whys!

-Cell Phone. once in a while, I’ll leave the house without my cell-but 6/7 runs it’s with me either for music, or off in my camelbak so I can pull it out if I need it. I don’t really like leaving home without my phone. It makes me nervous. There are lots of things that could go wrong I might need the bathroom and I like to be prepared like those Boy Scouts say we should be!!

-Gu even if it’s just a quick 7 miler-I bring one with me. Or a few starbursts. There are times when you just start to bonk from a lack of food, and it’s good to have in a 911 situation.

-Money! I am so thankful I always carry a $5 or a $10 on me-you never know when thirst will strike and I don’t carry my camelbak every day so this is great idea. Some places have a $10 minimum that you have to spend on a debit card, so I always carry cash too!
Um, Sidenote? I hate the places that have minimums!! They drive me nuts!!!

-Debit card It has my name on it (which is good
Because if I am in mortal peril/kidnapped then it’s pretty easy to track me down. Sorry, that’s morbid but “be prepared!”)
and if I’m at a store that doesn’t have a limit, I will swipe my card instead so I can save the $$ for when I need it.

-House key. you know, so I can get in the house after?

Where do i keep it all? I either wear my fuel belt fanny pack, flip belt, carry my “pocket” on my hand, or stick it in the pockets if I’m wearing my skirt:) Easy peasy and I feel nice and safe carrying all that stuff.

Now for the absolute randomness you All love so much.

This week I discovered the most amazing thing in the grocery store. OH, by the by….fall things—-food/cocktails/pies…..they are my favorite.

Sooooo… case you are wondering…THIS is so good….I nearly licked the inside of the container. I’m going back tomorrow to stock up Even MORE.


But they still had my other #1….

sooo I got more of that, too…

How ironic that my liquor cabinet seems to be filled with my two favorites…. The melon and the fall yummynesss….

Again…I love fall cocktails..👏👏😍😊

My SIL sent me this. She says this is she and I…she kills me with the laughter…




YESYESYES X 1,000,000,000,000.


And this is how I refuel after a long run… #doinitright (I had to do my long run today, more on that later)



What do you Absolutely have to bring with you running?

Do you love ll things fall??
Yes. Beer. Food. Cocktails. Running. Sweaters but not coats. Boots, but not yet needing to wear layers, short sleeves and shorts but not yet needing pants….I love it all.

10 reasons why running friendships are just the bees knees…

-There is always someone to do a long run with. Long runs are long. And sometimes boring. Having someone to share that with can be fun!

Running friends give you ideas for new types of runs, new routes to run, even new places to run! I’ve been on runs in my neighborhood that i had never even run on before until I ran them with someone else!!

Having a running friend means that there is usually someone who will do a race with you. That means someone to carpool with and to talk about the race with once you finish!

-If you haven’t seen one of your running friends in a while, it gives you a great excuse to go for a run and catch up!
-Planning to run a race with a friend gives you an excuse to return to your childhood when your mom used to dress you and your siblings alike. (my mom did that anyway)
-There is someone to share your runs with. response from Telling my non-running husband about my really fast 9 miler: “Wow, good job.” Response from telling my running partner about my really fast 9 miler: “That is awesome, lets replicate that next week. Do you think that your pace would change if we did it on a hilly route?” A running friend is Someone to sympathize with about your awesome runs, as well as commiserate with your terrible ones!!

-Running friends give you a good excuse to get up in the morning at an ungodly hour and go for a run. Knowing someone is counting on you to meet them makes it sooo much easier to get out of bed in the morning!

-Running friends allow you to bounce training ideas off of one another:
“Do you think I should do more speedwork and what kind?”
“How long should my breaks be between my 800s?”
“I haven’t decided yet if I really want to register for the half/full marathon”

The topics of training are endless. Running friends let you ramble on about the best topic ever … RUNNING!! and you will also probably never get bored because you are talking incessantly about running!
-We can talk about poop. There’s not a whole lot of people you can talk about poop with. It’s kind of taboo. First date convo? NO. Job interview? Umm…No, not if you want the job anyway… But runners and running friendships are different. You can tell me in depth about your bowel movements before your runs/after/during (yuck, but I’ll still listen and sympathize. And call you a cab?) and it truly doesn’t phase me. I think once you have bowel issues during a marathon that lead you to pretty much poop your own pants….all shred of shame is gone. (or lost?)

-Running causes really deep friendships. Maybe it’s the connections over the arduous hours, maybe it’s the fact that that we are also connecting with nature at the same time that we are pounding pavement and we feel more at peace with ourselves and the planet? Something about running brings out really raw and deep bonds in runners.
Why do you love your running friends??




Mileage Recap for week ending September 7th

I would have loved to be able to finish this post and have it go up for Monday but time on Sunday got away from me in the form of naps, homemade veggie soup made 100% with veggies from our garden (kale, tomatoes, scallions, zucchini, peppers, spices, carrots, and I’m sure I’m forgetting other stuff), and an awesome lunch date at my FAVORITE deli on the planet. (Borelli’s Deli in Methuen MA) This bad blogger took not one picture of my Sunday Fun day, but I assure you that it was fun, relaxing, and just what the doctor ordered.

Last week’s running was just “meh”. I did it. It’s done. I didn’t overwhelmingly love it. I truly think it was because of extreme heat. Usually, when it is high 90’s-it’s July or early August. It’s not really blazingly hot when it’s September. It was weird. I think our bodies acclimate with the weather changes, and once a season starts doing something out of character it throws us all off. My body got used to mild humidity and cooler temps for the month of August, and then WHAM! September hits and its hotter than the sun outside!

Monday Sept 1st – 7 miles total. I did 400s at the track. I didn’t love my paces. It was only 8 am but the heat index was already crazy high. My face felt like it was going to pop right off of my body and it was exhausting to do them in weather that hot.

Tuesday-8.41 miles. Because I wasn’t happy with my speed day I thought it would be fun to throw in a tempo run on Tuesday. It wasn’t fun. I was only able to hit three miles at goal marathon pace of (7:30).. It was so hot, it was ridiculous.

Wednesday: off I did some ab work, arms videos, strength videos, but that’s it.

Thursday 11 miles total-3 on the treadmill, 8 miles outside with my running partner watching the sunrise.

Friday: off.

Saturdays 20 miler left me spent. I honestly felt sick all day and night from the humidity. It wasn’t from dehydration-I think the lack of air quality just got to me. This run felt more like my first long run instead of my 1 millionth long run. The way I felt all night long was absolutely terrible. I had a stomachache that altered between nausea and heartburn…it wasn’t good. Blech. I never want to feel that way again.

I spent the night in my compression socks and watching Grease in my bed…Don’t judge me….


Sunday: 7ish slow recovery miles that had to be done on an empty stomach because my belly was still fighting off the long run! I truly think I lost 5 lbs on Saturdays in sweat alone!

53.5 miles total

And these two❤️ they had a BFF cousin sleepover on Saturday. I always wanted a cousin my own age while growing up! They are the very best of friends and I loved hearing their little girl giggles all night!


I’m hoping for a great running week this week to redeem my feelings about last week!

I hope the humidity is cooling down where you are!!

Saturday. And Friday. And some randomness from the week.

Friday I came home NOT in the best mood. Just one of those long days that always seem to happen during a “short” week. I have decided that kids/teachers/faculty—> all the people in a school go a little crazy during the shorter weeks. For some reason people try to cram 5 days of stuff into only 4. Sometimes this works, sometimes it does not and ends up making you crazy. Guess which kind of week I had?

I came home and cheered myself up with some eyeliner, a sock bun, my favorite tank top and a lavender martini. (they are my favorite) #itsthelittlethings
And then pretty much fell asleep immediately after dinner.

It’s humid today. You can cut a slice of the air and put it on a plate like a piece of pie. I can’t even stand it and I actually like humidity.

I still did my long run anyways because that’s what I do on Saturdays. It pretty much never occurs to me to switch it around to a Sunday because my husband works on Saturdays so it just makes sense. I should have switched the dam run to a different day.

oh, you know..just some binge drinking before the run…

The first 9 ish miles went great. I still felt strong, and didn’t think about quitting because of the heat. I tricked myself into thinking it was breezy/cool/and that I could breathe. None of those things were actually true. When I was about to hit mile 9, I ran through a common area in Pelham that always always has the sprinklers on their grass. I put my whole body in those sprinklers for like 5 minutes. I looked sooo ridiculous but not even 1% of me cared. This is how you know you have matured– you know you look like an idiot but you don’t care at all. If you saw me, you would’ve been laughing at the site: I looked like a puppy playing in the sprinklers and shaking my face in the water while down on all fours. Hilarious. IMG_3274.JPG

After the sprinklers, I just kind of fell apart. (I was also running in sopping wet clothes/sneaks..but it was 100% worth it)I passed my sisters house around mile 12 and when I passed her house, I wanted to sit on her couch and let her puppies lick my face(I love her pups!!). For some dumb reason because I’m a stupid runner I kept on going. Why not right?! When I hit mile 13, I realized that I had slipped to a 10 minute per a mile pace. I had been running 7s&8s for the first 12….and I just didn’t want to be outside anymore. I was done. My wonderful/amazing sister came and picked me up and brought me home—I was on a road that had no short cuts or turn arounds and it still would have been 6.4 miles til I hit my house.

After collapsing sitting on the couch for a while, I finally forced myself onto the treadmill to round up to the 20.
2:46:03. Two minutes more than last week but it was really about 96%,humidity and felt like 107. So. I guess I will try again next week and have a better run!!! I’m only bummed out because I thought I was going to hit a 2:40 time today…I was convinced. Over the last few days, I took it easy on speed so I could throw in a solid 7ish miles at MGP mid run but that didn’t happen. Humidity is a killer! But there are always other long runs and I’m sure those days will not be full of air that I cannot breathe!

since I know you all love my randomness… I will tell you:
-I ran with a headlight this week. It was weird. My husband pulled out this gem at 4:30 before I was leaving. He reminded me that “Fashion is NOT important when you’re running outside at 4:30am…not dying is pretty much the goal.” He is so smart, I will keep him 😉

-He also earned his keep when he came home with a bottle of the coveted Apothic for me. Awwwwwww. I will be enjoying a glass of this Saturday night!

-She cracks me UP…


-And random…but this plank happened Friday night. All I know is that I lost track of time because I was catching up on blogs while planking. Before I knew it, I was at 7 and I thought “Eh. I can keep going.” And then I hit 10. Wow. I have zero desire to plank for longer than this…but maybe it’ll happen at some point in the future.


-GREAT mail day today..
THANK YOU to Skirt Sports for my new skirt!!! (Come race with me next weekend!)

-And I took Lisa’s suggestion and bought a pair of Brooks Pure Cadence’s..she loves them and she also loves Brooks Pureflows like me so I think I’m in good hands! I found a GREAT deal at DSW!! Can’t wait to run in them tomorrow!


-We had CRAZY storms Saturday night but we saw the most incredible rainbow!

Anybody have oppressive humidity where you are?

Whatcha doin this weekend?

Run Fee, Run Strong!!

Blogging: things I love & keeping yourself (and loved ones)safe

This REALLY isn’t my typical post. DISCLAIMER: no running stuff today !!!

I have now been blogging for a little over a year. Back when I started blogging, I actually had no idea that there were so many running blogs.
I’m not even kidding. I never researched/read any other blogs and it had always been a fun idea in the back of my brain to start my own blog one day. Good thing I didn’t do any research because this blog most likely wouldn’t have happened!! The week I created my blog, I was sitting on my back deck and I thought “I wonder if there are any other running blogs out there!”–> 100% honesty. I had ZERO idea.
Of course, the 1st blog I stumbled upon was Hungry Running Girl. (oh, if you aren’t aware, she is awesome/a great mom/incredible runner..and OH! One other thing..prob the most popular running blog in The good ole US OF A. You’re Welcome.

Anyway. Blogging. There are a lot of things that I absolutely LOVE about being a blogger. For example…

*I have made some connections with new friends all over the place. I feel like I could hit up a marathon in nearly every state and have someone really cool to run with!

*I’ve made new friends not only through blogging, but via other social media sites too, such as Twitter and Instagram. I have loved meeting new people and I definitely get a lot of inspiration through other runners. AND FOOD—OOOH, FOOD…..—I follow a lot of food bloggers on IG like Skinnytaste, and I love seeing their posts that give me new amazing recipe ideas!!!

I have really come to enjoy following/commenting/interacting with the blog world. I consider it a part of my daily routine to come onto the World Wide Web and check out what’s happening in the “real life” of someone else. I have said before—This is one of the reasons blogging is so popular—Its like reading a book, but its real so its got a different feel to it. And more fun than the newspaper, no?

Still, even though I love my blog family, There are some things that I never will disclose on the blog.. I used to advertise my newest posts on my personal facebook page, but then I ended up making a page just for TGWRE. In hindsight-maybe it was not the BEST idea to connect “The Blogger behind the blog” to my personal friends and family, but oh well. I created TGWRE as a way to help answer running questions from my friends, co workers, family, etc. It was a great way to help raise awareness of my blog, so I guess I wouldn’t change it. I’m always surprised at the randomness of who reads my little blog-Happy surprised though! I LOVE hearing about how I helped inspire someone on their running journey—that is one of my very favorite parts of blogging!!

There are a bunch of local runners who read my blog, I love that!!! And it is a public domain…. So, technically….anyone in the whole world can read it. I think I’m pretty fun and (sometimes) funny…so good lord knows who will be amused by my ramblings. I’ve never had a “crazy stalker” of the blog (as far as I know) or even any negative comments by haters, but, still, like I said: this is a public domain. Anyone can find me.

I love writing about my awesome friends and family, but I try to conserve their privacy. A little over two years ago, we (Greg and I) were devastated when our house was broken into. It was mostly my things that were taken(and I’m not really that cool that someone would want to steal my stuff), and I’m still angry about it. It was just a few months before our wedding and the robbers took the only heirlooms my grandparents had left me: a beautiful opal ring that was my great grandmothers wedding ring, and a locket that was my grandfather’s mothers. I was going to wear both of these things on my wedding day, and even thinking about how they were taken still makes me cry. I would literally do anything to have those two priceless items back. All the ipods/ipads/computers that were also stolen pale in comparison to things like that.

Since then, we have gotten a crazy sensitive alarm system and cameras. Still, even with these things, I’m wary of putting certain things up on the blog. I think my house was broken into because the wrong person saw a facebook status that a mutual friend had “liked”. (If you use facebook, then you know what I mean) I am actually CRAZY with security now, and I wanted to pass on my tips to all of you because they may not be things that are going through your head.

*I use my real name, but I try never to disclose the real names of friends and family members because I want to protect their privacy. I have no problem writing about what happens AFTER a big event, but beforehand, I am top secret. If I wrote about how I was visiting a friends vacation house for the weekend, it is actually crazy easy to discover the whereabouts of someone’s regular home address and break into their home. I would never, ever want that to happen to someone I love. OR even someone I don’t love because that is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to recover from, trust me. It is Both emotionally and physically damaging.

*I never say where I’m going ahead of time, unless I know for certain someone is home at my house and there is no reason to worry. I will give you an example: Last summer, I went to the Kenny Chesney concert at Gillette Stadium with two of my girlfriends. Until I was POSITIVE that someone was home at both of their houses too, I would not upload a fun picture from the show. It is amazing what you can figure out from the internet..isn’t it??

*No matter HOW MAD I am at someone, I will not put it in this blog. Well, unless its like….The President. Or Miley Cyrus, that chick drives me NUTS. I mean people in real life. Privacy yo….Once you put something out there on social media—it is out there For.E.Ver and you cannot take it back.

*I’m now super careful with putting pictures up. Once I accidentally posted a picture on the blog (of all places!) that had a friends debit card in it. A very nice reader pointed that factoid out to me and I immediately deleted the entire post and let the friend know. You have to be very careful checking over pictures before you post!!

*this is something I learned once from Will Smith. Back when he was still “just a rapper”, someone had asked him how he came up with such smart/swear free/terrific lyrics (actually, I made that up. I have NO idea what they asked young William) But he said the the never sang/rapped a single lyric that he wouldn’t be proud enough to let his grandma hear. And I loooooooove my anything that goes on here, I automatically assume that my mom, dad, Memere are reading it too. #keepingitclassy

These are just a few of my security tips for keeping yourself safe, and keeping your blog safe!. I ever surprised at what I can find on google nowadays!

Any tips to share??

Thursday’s random tangents

This happened Wednesday night. BOOM. longest plank I’ve ever done (previous record 7 minutes) I don’t know why but every week that I do a ton of planking, I have awesome runs. I have no idea of the two are directly related(as in my running is getting better with planking), I would like to think so because I will tell you that I can always feel my abs pulling me along in some of my tougher runs.

Last week, I went to the grocery store and bought three bottles of my favorite red wine, Apothic Red. (this is not a math problem, I swear)20140903-184931-67771443.jpg
Imagine my surprise when my dumb butt got home and pulled out three bottles of the wrong wine.
But they look alike, do they not??

So back to the grocery store I go this week to buy some of the correct bottle of wine. This was the shelf where Apothic once stood…
Someone is pulling a cruel, cruel joke on me. And you can now probably see WHY I grabbed the wrong wine??

I am beyond obsessed with green Smoothies for breakfast lately. The only thing wrong with green smoothies is when there is NO MORE SMOOTHIE left. ((sigh))
(this smoothie has banana, kale, soy milk, Greek yogurt, cinnamon)

Since I couldn’t find my favorite, and since I have a SERIOUS craving for chocolate, I bought these two beauts. Yes, I cracked the chocolate wine. #itsfridaysomewhere

Today I plan to do a fasted 13 before work….half on my treadmill, half outside with my running partner!!! Let’s hope I make it!!!:) (In case you are curious, I leave for work at 7:00…
AM, not PM.
Yes. Early-ness. If All The Running happens, it will be my longest pre-work run. (My current longest is 10)

Favorite wine?

Green Smoothies….LOVE/HATE/Never tried??
And if you love the GS…please tell me your recipe in a comment!!!:)

one more day friends…we are almost there. I can smell it!!