Marathon & Long Run Fueling Strategies

I get a lot of questions this time of year regarding my fueling strategy for the marathon. I don’t think I’ve ever done a solid post on fuel so for all of you who have fueling questions, this post is all about my personal fueling strategy.

Fuel: I wasn’t always great with taking in fuel. I’m finally in a pattern that’s working and feel comfortable (as comfortable as one can be sucking down fuel while moving at a fast pace) taking it in. I’ve experimented a lot with different fuels-Cliff Shot bloks, starbursts, Powerade gels, skittles, Hammer Gel, Swedish fish, Honey Stinger gels and waffles….I’ve learned that the harder & more solid fuels (shot bloks, starbursts, skittles, Swedish fish) are great and give me energy, however, it’s extremely difficult for me to swallow and chew them without choking. Plus, when it’s really cold outside & these things are also cold- it become even more difficult for my body to process them. I don’t like the texture of Hammer Gel or Powerade gels: They are so liquid-y, it grosses me out. I love the taste and flavors of Honey Stinger gels, however, I don’t think they pack enough of a wallop to give me the energy level I need. GU seems to work the BEST for me. I like it’s consistency and find that it gives me the exact energy that I need. I swear I can feel its magical powers as soon as I take it! (Fave flavor: Salted Watermelon. I really like Salted Caramel too, but I find it sickeningly sweet at times, and harder to swallow. Plus- I like caramel on my ice cream…not during my runs:))

As far as hydration goes: I used to stop at a convenience store halfway through a long run, or, on a hot day, halfway through a shorter run to get a Gatorade/ Powerade. It’s really a lot of sugar though.. I would rather save those calories for something else! I switched to water for my training runs about a year ago, and it’s worked great for me. I also eventually started to use a Camelbak for long runs to alleviate the need to stop at a store for a drink. I fill my Camelbak up for my long runs and drink from that. In the winter runs- I typically go through 2 water bottles. However, during the summer, I can fill the whole litre up and need to refill it half way through the run!

I also drink a lot of NUUN. You know the days when the thirst is REAL and you CANNOT GET ENOUGH liquids into your body and you’re still parched like the Sahara desert??? NUUN helps me with this. I’ve thought about putting NUUN into my Camelbak, but just haven’t yet! Maybe next marathon training cycle…

For me, personally, this is what works:

Regular runs and training runs:
-If I’m doing a shorter run after work, I’ll eat a Honey Stinger Waffle about 20 minutes before I head out. I think they are delicious and they are the perfect amount of calories to fuel me for a 7-10 mile run. I find that I don’t really need anything else during these runs and can get away with not eating more than just the waffle. Which is good because they are expensive!

-GU: I take GU’s with me for longer runs. I try to take them at the same point in all of my long runs: miles 6/7, 13/14, 17/18. Ever long run is different. Sometimes, I only need 2 GU’s to make it through a run, some runs I could have 4. I find that when it’s really windy, I need more fuel. This weekend, I took my GU at miles 7, 13.4, and I tried to take a 3rd at 17.5, but I could only choke down a tiny sip of the 3rd because it made me feel like I was going to throw up. For the previous weekend’s long run, I took all 3 (6, 12, 18) and could have used a 4th (it was also really windy that day). It goes to show you that not all runs are fueled equally!! I always make sure I drink a quick sip from my Camelbak when I’m taking the GU because the combo of those two things is what makes the GU work.

Marathon strategies:
-Gu: I plan to take it along the same mile markers that I do for my long runs. If it ain’t broke… Since it IS 4 more miles than what I train for-I will probably take more-maybe even up to 5 of them? It depends on the day. I’m thinking I’ll end up taking it 6/7, 13, 17, 22, maybe even 24…I know I get REALLY tired in the end so I will need all the help I can get. Of course, past 22, I could really use an IV of BEER instead of GU….

-Water/Gatorade-The BAA has banned hydration packs and vests again this year, so I will have to resort to getting water from the aid station. Boo. I’m going to do my best….but I usually end up with my beverage of choice all over myself, or, somehow manage to snort it up my nose. I don’t like to stop and walk unless I HAVE to and I prefer the little quick sips of water to stopping and drinking the cup. Its just too hard. I’ll probably do every other if its warm out, and every 3rd stop if it isn’t. I try to cup the top of the cup and form a point in which to drink through…but it’s still hard to do that at times! I’ll only take Gatorade if I need the sugar boost….I’m not used to training with it and prefer to stick to what I know!!

I hope this helps some of you! It has always helped me to have a strategy in place. Of course, strategy can go RIGHT out the window come marathon day, but its still nice to have a plan!

What are your fueling tips?
What’s your fuel of choice for long runs?

Returning to Boston as a BQ’d runner

In 21 more days (three weeks from today!),  I will be running my 9th Boston Marathon. For most of these years (8), I have run for a charity. This year, although I’m still running for a charity, I’m running also as a qualified runner!
My little buddy Everett & I!

Someone recently wondered snarked if it was “anticlimactic” for me run Boston as a qualified runner…even though I’ve been there 8 times before, surely this one can’t be that special because I’ve been there so many times, right?

The thing about a marathon (or any race, really) is that every one is completely different. There are no two that will be the same for you and each race brings new memories. I like to think of my past Boston’s like this:
-2005: the year I drank coffee while waiting for the start and spent half the race in the porta potty. Lucky for me I have the most amazing BFF who waited almost seven hours for me to finish!
-2008: the year I actually DROPPED my phone INTO a porta potty at the start of the race. Like right before the start…
-2009: the first year my husband was a part of the race and brought me to the starting buses in Boston.
-2010: the year that the MOST people went to the race to see me run-like 20 peeps! And the first year my husband came to the finish line!
2011: the year my husband had to work and couldn’t come :(
2012: the year of the heat…like 80 at the start. It was also the year my friends made a life size cardboard cutout of me and took pics of “me” all around Boston. They also made cutouts of my face on Popsicle sticks and there were “Nicole’s” in all the pictures. Tooooo funny……it was awesome!
Look! It’s Me…and ME!
I’m with the band…

-2013: it would’ve been my best Boston time yet. But I never got to finish.
-2014: the first year post bomb. A totally different marathon experience…game changer. My friends are strong, and they rallied around me. #blessed

What will 2015 be the year of? It’s already so many things… It’s the first year my SIL has ever done a marathon. The first time we will drive to Hopkington and squeak out our anticipations, fetter out our worries, and soothe one another’s nerves.

And, it’s the first year I’m running as a qualified runner. Returning as a BQ’d entrant isn’t at all anticlimactic. The thing about me is that when something grabs my heart-it never let’s go. Never. And the Boston Marathon grabbed my heart a very long time ago. The fact that I ran so many times as an “unqualified” runner has never once mattered to me. I knew, without a doubt, that I would get to this point. I’ve never felt like I didn’t belong at the starting line because Boston is my race. I want to still be running it when I’m 85. Its always had a piece of my heart, and that piece grew a little bit bigger back in 2013 after the bombings. It got even bigger in 2014 when I saw the strength of my city, my friends, and my family.

I can’t wait to see what this year brings me.

I bleed blue and yellow!💙💛💙💛


It’s owning me& five things I loved about this week!

Marathon training. It’s so fun! It’s rewarding! You learn so much about yourself!

I’m freaking exhausted. Marathon training is owning me! Peak week of marathon training= complete and total exhaustion. And hunger. No, no, scratch that….runger. I had a speed workout on Tuesday and I swear—come Wednesday? I could, and would have eaten you out of house and home.

Let’s recap some runs so far this week…


Tuesday: tempo! My paces ranged from 6:46-7:14, 6:57 avg for 6 miles, 10 miles total-7:24 avg pace 

Thursday-nice easy miles @ 8:03 avg pace. It was pouring rain out but I love to run in the (Warmer) rain! 

Friday-I plan on doing mile repeats today and I just got the best news ever: my track is clear!!!!!!!!!! 

Five things I love about this week….

1. These capris! Thursdays run was really wet but it felt so good! I wore my fave capris from Skirt Sports…they are SO comfy and I love them! (Use code SSGWR20 for a 20% discount!)

I’m soaking wet but smiling!!!

2. Good mail days! 💙💛💙💛 24 more days!!

3. That my last really long run is this weekend. Oh man I need it bad. 22 miles on Sunday morning! 

4. I get to meet my friend M’s new baby tonight!!!! New babies=happiness!!!

5. Yesterday was Greg&I’s 6 year dating anniversary! I still like to celebrate it because the love has to start somewhere! This is the first picture we ever took together…awwww:)

Happy friday everybody! I hope you have a great weekend!

Things I learned from the New Bedford Half Marathon: a race recap of sorts

Last weekend, after having three cancelled races (1 marathon, 1 twenty miler, 1 half marathon) I finally got to run a race! It was really fun-especially since I have been basically shunned by any and all races in my area. It was the New Bedford Half Marathon, and it was a really good time.

The only picture I took of me at the race!

I held off on doing any kind of review for this race because I really didn’t want to be judged on my poor performance that day. Yup, you read that right. I don’t always love the negativity via social media that can sometimes come with being a running blogger. I make the fact that I want to get faster extremely clear. I know that I put myself out “there” into the world by having this little public space. And that’s ok. I love the encouragement that I receive from my fellow bloggers and friends that I’ve made by writing as “The Girl Who Ran Everywhere” (A little sidenote: In case you’ve ever wondered, I do know that I’m 32 years old and calling myself a “girl”-But, “The Woman Who Ran Everywhere” just wasn’t as catchy 😉…) I know that by opening myself up, I’m subjected to criticism just as much as I am praise. It is what it is, and I’m learning to shrug it off.

As some of you already know-My time for this race wasn’t great: 1:42:47. It was an “off” day for me, and I just want to go on the record here by saying that I am 100% okay with that. My coach had a goal for me, and I didn’t make it, or even come close to it. But, honestly-it’s not a big deal. There are plenty more races to run. In the past, I’ve gotten pretty down on myself for not hitting a “goal” time that I set for myself, but I know now that in the long run, it doesn’t do me any good. I decided that I wanted to do a non-traditional race recap for this one. Instead of telling you in detail about how this was the biggest half I have ever run (huge!), the porta potties at the start, or, the fact that it was windy and I had a terrible leg cramp for almost 3 miles of the race, I wanted to instead tell you some things I learned from my race. Maybe you can learn something that will help you.
Biggest half I’ve ever been to!

1.) Its really important for all runners to remember that not every day is “Your day” for racing. Sometimes I feel like all the things in the universe need to align and Mother Nature has to cast great weather in order for me to have the “perfect” race day. Traffic, your period, a snowstorm, ice, wind, a late night, cramps, constipation, diarrhea, bad sleep, bad sneakers, wrong foods-any or ALL of these things (and I think I could list PLENTY more issues) can go wrong for anyone, on race morning. It is what it is and you shouldn’t sweat it if it doesn’t go your way: There WILL be more races in your future.

The feeling of “today is not your day” also carries over into your every day runs. There are some days where I will head out and I’m on FIRE, and others where I’m just “meh” and not that into it.

I didn’t really have a whole lot that went wrong for me race morning. It was more that I had a day that I wasn’t really in the mood for “pushing” it during the race. I can’t explain it any better than to say that I was tired, and that feeling translated down into my tired legs. Not a big deal, it happens. I’ve realized that I’m not always the best “racer.” I get really nervous and psych myself up WAY too much. I think we all have felt the overwhelming weight at one time or another to “run more/run faster/be better.” I put a lot of pressure on myself to do just that, end up overthinking things, and it messes with my mojo. Sometimes, my brain doesn’t feel like taking over and going into “race mode” I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t technically start “racing” until about 1-2 years ago? Who knows-I know its something I need to work on. But anyway, there are days that I am not feeling the amazing-ness of racing, and I had one of those days during the New Bedford half.

2. Silence the noise. This is a big one for me. I’ve heard the words “Can’t” and “won’t” a little too often for my taste. Tuning the negatives out is something I’m working on. I believe in me, my husband believes in me, my friends believe in me…that’s enough. Sometimes we get in our own heads a little too much. Sometimes we let someone else in our heads who doesn’t think we can do any better. Don’t focus on the negativity and focus on your own strengths.

3. You can cross the finish line of a race but you are most certainly not “finished.” You may “finish” a race, but you (most likely) are not “finished” with running. It’s important to remember that in the back of your mind. Crossing a finish line is just one more step on your own personal running journey, whatever yours may be! I might hit a new PR, or bomb a race, but I know that I’ll be right back to running my next possible chance. Running is a lifetime sport for me, full of ups and downs and I don’t intend to ever “finish.”

4. This last one is the MOST important thing: You are not the measure of just “one” race. You’re much more than that. A good race will help you put a new notch on your personal tallying stick of racing, but it does not define you. A bad race may make you upset for a little while, but it gives you something to learn from. You are so much more than your numbers, please don’t ever forget that. When I think back to why I started running, it had nothing to do with “the numbers game.” I knew that I loved to run, I was pretty ok at it, and it gave me a lot of joy. Don’t let a bad race rob you of the joy. I always tell fellow runners to remember WHY you are running in the first place. Take that reason and hold it tight. You should never forget your “WHY.” The numbers that you want will eventually come, because your “WHY” will drive you.

So, to any of you who wonder post-race if you’ll ever meet those goals you have set: remember these things! Never give up on your dreams or what you want just because of an off day. Even if some weirdo tells you that you are delusional for the goals you’ve set…ignore it, and move along. Believe in yourself and trust that you can. And as my best friend tells me “Even if you don’t PR and you do your best that’s all that matters.” —> truth.

Happy Tuesday!

Some lessons you’ve learned from racing or running?


The weekend💙💛💙💛

I just want to start this post off by telling you some things:

-I am SO tired. Like tired-to-my-bones tired. But still, i have to tell you…. I’m ready for this week because it’s “peak week”!!! Bring it on, peak week, BRING-IT-ON.

-I’m writing this the night after my long run, and I’m pretty spent. If there are spelling or grammatical errors….This is your one and only apology. I’m way too tired to proofread!

So lets recap the weekend….

SIL’s benefit was this Friday night! (Sidenote: I wore the exact same dress that I wore last weekend. No judging please…I got all discombobulated by the fact that it started to snow out and scrapped my original outfit. Again…no judging! :))Me and my beautiful friend, Sandy!!

Wifey and I

The guest of honor, AKA, my SIL/Sister :) I’m beyond proud of her you guys…She has set out on this incredible journey and it’s been so fun, and inspiring to watch her along this road!

Cause we’re the four best friends that anyone ever had!

A bromance…

My Love and I!

Saturday:) I woke up and it was a BLIZZARD outside! I made the executive decision NOT to hop on the treadmill for my long run. I THINK i have already proved that I am tough enough this winter. It’s spring and practically April. There will BE NO MORE long runs on the treadmill! (She says, hopefully, as she checks the weather reports…) I made the decision to move my long run to Sunday!

Saturday night, we took our girl to a Japanese Steakhouse…For this pic, I said “smile” and this is what I got…

A Mai Tai. It was DELICIOUS.

She was AMAZED by the fire!

Me and my smallest and most adorb BFF :)

Sunday….Second to last “really long run” in my Boston training! LESS THAN A MONTH UNTIL MARATHON MONDAY…A-WOOO-HOOOO!!!!!
A backyard ice bath in the snow after my long run. YIKES, this run hurt!

An awesome lunch date with my love after my long run…This sandwich did not even see my face coming. I out-ate my husband. My eating skills could have been challenged on TV….

All weekend I have felt like I’ve been fighting off a cold! Since I’m starting peak week, I need to be at my strongest!!! Wish me luck and please PLEASE send me some healthy thoughts!!!

Tell me something great from your weekend!! 




Sock sale!

I had to share with you because this is my all time favorite sale! Pro Compression once again has their grab bags deeply discounted…just in time for race season! I personally love to race in compression socks and love getting fresh new socks! Plus, the “surprise” of not knowing my sock colors until I rip open the package is just the best thing ever!

Use discount code “HC15″ for 40% off.. This means instead of paying $65 for three pairs of socks, you will only pay $39!

 Happy Friday and happy shopping! 

Fantastic is….

…A date with your running partner that you don’t get to see as much anymore! Why don’t I get to see her as much anymore? BECAUSE SHE IS HAVING A BABY!!!!!

I’ve left that off the ‘ole blog for quite a while, but last week when we had our date, she told me I could post this pic! And along with that, I am going to tell you the weird story of how we met, and then give you some reasons why I LOVE to run with people!

I met my RP last year (around mid-January 2014) in the most unusual way. We both had commented on another blog, and on this particular post, the “question of the day” was something like “What is your next race?” I commented that my next race was the Boston Marathon and it was extra special to me due to the fact that I couldn’t finish in 2013 and that I was about 10-15 feet from the 2nd bomb, and less than a tenth of a mile from the 1st.

A girl replied to my comment “Dude, we must have been right next to one another because that’s where I was.” We took a look at pictures, and it turned out she was right next to my patient partner during the marathon bombings and probably 15-20 feet away from me!
(she is the circle, my patient partners’ mom& sister are the arrows)

We commented back and forth on that post a little more about our whereabouts on that day, and then I decided to check out this chick’s blog, The Fast And The Foodiest. I started reading her most recent posts and it turns out – she had just run a race in the next town over from her-Lowell, MA. How about that-The next town over from ME is Lowell MA. We began to email back and forth, and it turns out that we both live in the same town. Weird, right? It gets weirder. We start talking running routes- We run the exact same roads every day. We decided to meet at a spot close to our houses, and little did we know that for the past 5 years- We have been neighbors. We live less than .25 miles away from each other…and had never seen one another before!!

We started running together right away. Running with a partner is Sooooooooo different than running solo. Night and Day.

These are my top 10 reasons running with a friend is way more fun than running solo:

-Getting the “Workouts” done. Even when you are just not that into today’s workout-When you have somebody waiting for you and counting on you to be there, it is much easier to just do it that to wait and do it solo.

-Motivation. Even When one of you is tired, you can count on a partner to help motivate you along.
-Waking up early for a run. When you have sombody meeting you, getting up early takes on a whole new meaning. Its much easier to get out of bed because you know someone is counting on you.

-When you’ve got a good match, running with a partner is effortless. You will draw from each others strengths. We are attune to each others footsteps. When one of us has a “slower” day, running with a partner can get you going faster.

-Long runs. Slogging through miles is better when you’re slogging through with someone else!

-New routes. It’s easy to get stuck in a routine with the places you run. Running with someone else offers you new routes and challenges that you’ve never done before- from hills to hidden neighborhoods, you can learn a lot of new stuff.

-Bouncing running plans off of one another. I love to tell my RP new things I want to try, and she will tell me what she thinks of it and what has worked for her. Only a running friend can listen to you drone on and on for hours on end about race strategies and then give you great feedback.
-New friendships! One of the best things about running with a friend is the bonds that develop really quickly. Running with a friend guarantees lots of long talks about that thing called LIFE. It’s not just time to see your friends, its therapeutic, too.

-Races. Doing a race with a friend is way more fun than doing it solo!

-Safety in Numbers. Not only is it Fun and Friendship-forming, it is safer too. Running at 5 am solo in the dark- dangerous. Meeting my friend to run at 5 am in the dark? Not dangerous. Bringing a friend along means 2 cell phones, 2 of you to be seen on the roads, 2 of you to look out for ice…you get the picture!!

Do you run with friends? If so- Whats your favorite thing about it?

Just like that we are halfway through March & Mileage Totals

I can’t believe today is March 16th…it feels like I was JUST writing a March 1st post! Time is flying…and i like it..a lot! :) I’m ready for spring. Four more days until spring starts! Ahhhh….. I know you all are breathing a collective sigh of relief along with me….

This weekend had lots of fun things! My first race of the year and also celebrating my mom’s 60th birthday! We went to the most amazing restaurant in Groton, MA called the “Herb Lyceum”. (It was on Top Chef). It was so homey and amazing! My cute mom was thrilled to be surprised for her birthday! If you are a local reading this post-> you should check this place out. I didn’t take a single food picture, but you can take my word for it that it was amazing!

Monday: 6 easy miles. 46:05, 7:41 avg pace

Tuesday: 8.35 Miles w/pickups.

Thursday: 6 easy miles. 7:50 avg pace

Saturday: 3 easy miles & strides. 7:52 avg pace

Sunday: warmup, stretching, strides and a half marathon followed by a 10 minute cooldown. More on the half tomorrow because I am exhausted! :)

Tell me your favorite thing from the weekend!

Just some amazing things💙💛💙💛

Wave assignments were released last night for Boston.

I’m in wave 2! I’ve never started that early before.. eeeek!!!! I’m thrilled to once again run as a part of my beloved Children’s team and also as a qualified runner this year. 💙💛💙💛

Also amazing-I had dinner with my running partner Wednesday night! She is adorable!



I put these on my IG, but in case you didn’t see it-I got these for me and my SIL! It’s the coordinates of the Boston Marathon finish line! On the inside, you could personalize the message. I wrote: “We can do hard things. We survived: BostonStrong 4/15/13.


I am pretty much obsessed with it & I haven’t taken it off since I got it!

On Thursday, I got two boxes of multicolored happiness delivered to my doorstep…

(Brooks Ravenna 5 & Pureflow 3s)

Lately, my feet are really craving cushiony shoes, epecially when I’m running on the treadmill. I think a lot of it has to do with the differences between running on the treadmill and trying to transition back to pavement. Every time I put on a pair of lighter shoes to run on the ‘mill, I would feel little twinges and I end up swapping back to the heavier shoes, My feet/legs/ankles just like the pavement wayyyyy more than they like the treadmill. I never seem to have these issues in the summertime and can run in my lighter shoes with no problems.

I got a terrific deal from finish line on Brooks Ravenna 5’s. And even though I’ve never tried them before, I wanted to give them a shot as an alternative to my Brooks Ghost 7s. I ran in the Ravenna’s on Thursday night for 6 miles. I loved them! The Ghost is STILL my #1 cushioned shoe, but I like that I will have an alternate in my rotation.

I still have a few new pair’s of Pureflow 2’s left, but I’ve always wanted to try out the 3’s. I put them on but haven’t run in them just yet. I’m pretty surprised at how narrow the toe box is, and how “hard” they feel on the bottom. Not sure how they will feel, but I’m going to try them out! I will keep you all posted on how they feel.

And just a couple pics of my favorite new skirt…this one ROCKS…Its the Lioness and it now comes in this fun tropical color. I had to take it on a test drive on a FIFTY FIVE degree day that we had this week!!! (It’s now back down to 30, so don’t be TOO jealous of me :))



Happy weekend everybody-i hope it’s amazing for you.
I’m racing a half on Sunday! Wish me luck!

Does the treadmill make anybody else sore in weird places that they never get sore in from outside running?

Some feelings on the Tsarnaev trial.

Every morning when I wake up, the very first thing I do is grab my phone to google the latest updates on the Tsarnaev trial. I cannot get enough info on the case of the man who tried to kill me. If I didn’t have a job, I would be at that courthouse every day trying to be one of those pedestrians that they let in to watch.
It has taken almost two whole years for this trial to begin. I need its closure. Crossing the finish line in 2014 brought me closure, but the verdict in the Tsarnaev case will bring me a different kind of peace.

I have read that Tsarvaev will not meet the eyes of any of his victims, nor will he even spare them (save one) a glance. If I had it my way, I would make him look at every single individual he has hurt until he cracks with the pain of what he has done. I would literally hold his eyelids open and make him stare. This is a man without a soul and instead has a heart full of hate. I want him to feel the ongoing agony he has put his victims through. “An eye for an eye” also sounds great…but I would rather hear that he has been given the death penalty.

Reading the stories of the victims is painful. Its a constant walk down memory lane towards the images I try not to think of and a day that has caused so much pain in the lives of my friends, family, and in my own heart. Painful though it may be, I feel like I need to read/hear each account from each victim. I want to give each and every one of them a hug. Cry with them. Every single story is relatable, have you noticed that? There is Jeff Bauman, who came to the finish line to see his girlfriend cross. There’s the Richard family- Just the normal everyday family who wanted to go to an extremely popular sporting event (Marathon Monday ranks 2nd in coverage. The number one spot goes to the Superbowl of course.) To me, the fact that all of their stories are relatable is the scariest part. These are the stories of my friends and my husband-just a fun day in the city celebrating their friend and watching a marathon. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev wanted to hurt the everyday people of the world.

Even though I have no physical scars, and I didn’t lose a limb, I have scars in my heart that will always be there. These kind of scars are ones that will never fade and even with the passing of time, the marks have not fully healed. I carry a scar for my husband who kept our entire group together. This is a man who does not like crowds as it is, and only went to the finish line to watch his new wife finish her marathon. My anxiety ridden husband suffered enough that day, never mind throwing bombs on top of it all. He was militant in keeping our group together, all holding hands, until they found me. I carry a scar for the carnage my friends and family saw: limbs, blood, and the screaming…So much screaming. The “wrong place at the wrong time” phrase was created for 4/15/13. I carry a scar for the fact that anyone was even there to see me run in the first place.

I have a scar for Marathon Monday. My favorite day of the year–> more than my birthday–Marathon Monday is MY day. MINE. I know I am BostonStrong because I rallied, and I returned to Hopkinton last year to run those legendary 26.2 miles. The day originally symbolized my love of running for Children’s, meeting up with my “people” after, and celebrating this huge accomplishment. Now, even though it is still all those things-the memory of what happened will always be in the forefront of my mind. I will always be nervous. I will never forget. It has changed me. It changed my city. It changed “my people.”

But through tragedy, triumph always shine through eventually. Boston rallied, stronger than EVER, around its people. We displayed a courage so powerful it takes my breath away just thinking about it. We shut down a city to catch the bombers.
I have faith that Boston will triumph again and make the best decision in the outcome of this trial.

BostonStrong now…Boston strong ALWAYS.